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Supporting You To Birth Self, Babies and Life

If you’d like to share your experiences and questions and hear more about my work and how I can support you, in this call you will gain clarity on where you’re at, what’s going on energetically and your next steps.

Debra Kilby Healing - Rosa's Choice book deal

Birthing Your Babies

Birthing Self

Supporting you to meet your baby/s in spirit and in your arms.

If you are struggling to conceive or have experienced baby loss and feel lost as to your next steps, I’m here to support you to meet your babies in spirit and in your arms by working alongside your baby/s and future baby/s, channelling their messages, thoughts and healing.

To guide you to identify, heal and transform any past hurts and traumas from this lifetime and others so you gain a deeper understanding, connection and confidence in yourself and your baby/s to feel safer on your journey to motherhood.

To help you discover the answers to your why? – why me?, why is this happening? why do I have to go through this and many more questions that you have in regards to your Journey to Motherhood.


Supporting you to uncover and birth more of yourself into the world so that you can step more confidently and comfortably onto your soul path.

Do you feel that there is more depth to you and life? Do you feel that there is much more for you to open to, connect and embody on a Spiritual and an energetic level?

I’m here to guide you to discover the answers to your questions, create stronger foundations, trust and confidence in yourself and this crazy, beautiful world we live in.
Through channelled messages and insights, by travelling deep into your energy and soul’s plan, I guide you to identify, heal and transform any past hurts and traumas, understand your role and Soul Lessons from this lifetime or others. You will reset any karmic and ancestral patterns, open up your natural, intuitive gifts, birth who you know yourself to be underneath the layers of life and create the life and world you wish to live in.


About Debra

Hi, I’m Debra, an energy healer, channel, spirit baby medium and author of Rosa’s Choice: Healing the wounds of the mother.

It was through my own challenging journey to motherhood that I awakened to a much bigger picture of life before life – the choices we made, why we chose to come and the experiences we wished to have.

Life in the here and now – what we’re here for, our role and gifts. And also life after death and how we can still connect with our babies and loved ones.

My role in this lifetime is to support women to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, birth more of who they are and their own truth, open up their natural intuitive gifts and power and if in conception, birth their babies.

Debra’s Blog

From servant girl/slave to creator – a message from spirit baby

From servant girl/slave to creator – a message from spirit baby

From Servant girl/slave to Creator - a message from my spirit baby mentor, Rosa.   I was shown the image of a servant girl or handmaiden bringing tea and tending to the needs of others. And then Rosa shared the following message. “You are all walking around is if...

Imbolc –  “You are the Fire”. A message from Goddess Brigid

Imbolc – “You are the Fire”. A message from Goddess Brigid

Imbolc - Message from Goddess Brigid. "You are the fire." Can you feel the fire, the rising? Imbolc greetings and celebrations. A message from Goddess Brigid. "Feel your fire lit from within". Goddess Brigid Message: “Can you see my flame? Can you see my fire? And yet...

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School of Creativity and Self-Development

School of Creativity and Self-Development

"A few weeks ago, I was talking to Debra Kilby. She helps mothers deal with baby loss and how to welcome in new babies into this world. We were talking about what the term “mother-wound” actually means. Suffering from a mother wound at first level seems to suggest...

Meet the Goddess interview

Meet the Goddess interview

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Our Client Say!


Lena Voigt

Working with Debra is absolutly beautiful for me and deeply healing. I love how she holds a space of pure love and shares insights with wisdom, joy and compassion. Deep shifts and highest frequency. I already told you, dear Debra, how much our sessions meant to me. Thank you from the heart

Nina Stegelmann

Nina Stegelmann

I love working with Debra. After every session we have, my life unfolds in the most wonderful ways, so no wonder I keep coming back to her again and again. Debra’s work will enrich your life, I can highly recommend her.


Deirdre O’Donnell

Debra is a wonderfully intuitive healer. She holds a very gentle and loving space and guides one at their own pace and depth. She is a very experienced healer and spot on with her visions. Her soul reading helped me unlock and clear blocks so I could move forward in my life. Her readings and meditations lend themselves to many ah ha moments. It is powerful deep work that I’d highly recommend.


Meng Ni Xu

I received a wonderful reading at the end of Dec 2018. She is been patient in answering me the questions. what I like about the reading is that they are very accurate, precise and full of details and good vibe of energies in it. I even feel my energies shift a bit by listening to the reading itself. I think the price has been very reasonable given that Debra has put a lot of time and efforts in giving us both the session and Source message. Thank you Debra

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