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baby spirit communicator.


I would love you to join me in co-creating my beautiful new programme.


How to communicate with your unborn baby!

What would you like to share with them and hear from them?


New Book Release

Rosa’s Choice

Healing the Wounds of the Mother

Our Programs

Find healing and re-connection with yourself and your baby after baby loss and/or birth trauma.

Baby Loss

Journeys to Motherhood

Beautiful mums, please know even if your baby isn’t with you physically – you are a mum and you are always connected to your baby…

Sacred Conception

Journeys to Motherhood

Clearing the way to awaken yourself, awaken your fertility and awaken your connection with your baby in waiting…

Birth Trauma

Journeys to Motherhood

My wish is that every baby and every mum, no matter what their choices or experience, feel safe, loved, empowered, informed…

About Debra

Debra is a Healer, Channel and Baby Spirit Communicator

Helping you become the mother you wish to be through healing the relationship with yourself, your own mother and any experiences of baby loss or birth trauma.

Debra is also a Soul Plan Reader able to access your life before life and the soul desires and experiences you chose before your own birth.

Sacred Conception:

New Beginnings

Clearing the way to awaken yourself, awaken your fertility and awaken your connection with your baby in waiting.
Believing in yourself and your future babies

Our Courses

From Here To

7 steps to meeting
your baby

New Dawn

A New Dawn Birthing the
children of the New Earth

Our Client Say!


Lena Voigt

Working with Debra is absolutly beautiful for me and deeply healing. I love how she holds a space of pure love and shares insights with wisdom, joy and compassion. Deep shifts and highest frequency. I already told you, dear Debra, how much our sessions meant to me. Thank you from the heart

Nina Stegelmann

Nina Stegelmann

I love working with Debra. After every session we have, my life unfolds in the most wonderful ways, so no wonder I keep coming back to her again and again. Debra’s work will enrich your life, I can highly recommend her.


Deirdre O’Donnell

Debra is a wonderfully intuitive healer. She holds a very gentle and loving space and guides one at their own pace and depth. She is a very experienced healer and spot on with her visions. Her soul reading helped me unlock and clear blocks so I could move forward in my life. Her readings and meditations lend themselves to many ah ha moments. It is powerful deep work that I’d highly recommend.


Meng Ni Xu

I received a wonderful reading at the end of Dec 2018. She is been patient in answering me the questions. what I like about the reading is that they are very accurate, precise and full of details and good vibe of energies in it. I even feel my energies shift a bit by listening to the reading itself. I think the price has been very reasonable given that Debra has put a lot of time and efforts in giving us both the session and Source message. Thank you Debra

Work With Me

I am available for speaking engagements, interviews, guest blogging and workshops on fertility, spirt babies and baby loss. If you would like more details please do not hesitate to contact me at

Spirit Baby Meditation

35 minute healing meditation will bring you a sense of peace and relaxation as you travel to the spirit baby realm to meet your baby in spirit. 

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