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Hollywood and the Divine Feminine

The goings on in Hollywood have thrown me slightly. Not because I find the revelations unexpected, or surprising, but because for many women and young girls, including myself as a teenager and young woman, it’s been accepted as something that happens and you get on with it – quite frankly – wtf!

For me, this news story is a very real representation of the tide turning; of women waking up to their power. Not power over men or other women, or anyone or anything in fact, but that knowingness and feeling empowered, secure in who they are.

Bearing in mind that we all hold both male and female energies and therefore this isn’t about gender, the message that came through from Source is this:

“The happenings in Hollywood are a profound statement to the world that the female energy will no longer take or accept its disempowerment.

It is time for balance and unity and this can’t take place until there is balance and both males and females see themselves as equals, with equal respect, equal priority and equal right to live their lives as they choose.

See this as a start on the physical plane of what more is to come as the energies become more balanced and people begin to see the light they hold within themselves and the light of each other.

That there will be a time when living without this balance seems impossible and an ancient relic of the past towards human growth.

“It is indeed the time and the earth is shifting to allow this to happen.”

Now doesn’t that sound lovely! Let’s all do our bit in balancing ourselves, finding our ‘selves’ and our own empowerment and make this a physical reality.

For anyone for whom this news has shaken up old memories, please reach out to me or someone you feel can support you. The more of us who heal and rise through these experiences, the greater the freedom and balance.

For anyone new to this talk of ‘energies’ just drop me a message or jump on Skype for a chat.



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