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I am Enough…

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When you believe in yourself, believe that you are enough, your light shines out even stronger in the world.

When you know you are enough, that you have nothing to prove to anyone and you give yourself permission to shine, others feel they are allowed to do the same – and so the transformation spreads beautifully not only to you and for you but for your loved ones and as a matter of fact – the whole world! Yes you really are that powerful. Believe.

These 3 simple words can determine how you show up in life. How you show up for yourself – in the choices you make, the relationships you have and how you are in those relationships.

They can drive you to work too hard, try too hard, or to buy your way to worthiness with more and more purchases – feeding your need for ‘enoughness with external stuff.

Or they can make you feel hopeless and helpless and what’s the point. And maybe also angry and frustrated as you cannot pinpoint what it is that you feel is missing.

The truth is also simple – you are enough, just as you are, and always have been.

It is believing this to be true that can be the tricky bit! So deeply held are these beliefs and programmes we’ve picked up or been told by others, for many of us, from the moment of conception.

Well, enough of this. It’s time to own your own truth, own your life, not someone elses. And it’s time now to start your journey to believing – believing in yourself and your ‘enoughness’.

Here’s a free meditation to also help you on your way. Help you set your intentions for your day ahead and start aligning you with your ‘self’


And after my own recent spiritual kick up the butt so to speak to get on with what I’m here to do on my own Soul mission – I am also excited to now be re-opening the opportunity to work with me, one to one in my 3 month VIP package – only 10 spaces available at this level.

We need to talk. Please do drop me a PM or get in touch for a no obligation but potentially life changing chat!


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