Healing and Channelling


I love a wedding, any wedding, and I am off to my friend’s wedding today – St Albans – not Windsor!

Whilst getting ready for this I’m watching the build up to the Royal wedding. I cannot help but be struck by all the different ‘worlds’ that are coming together.

Women from the slums of Mumbai and the Royal Family. From Africa to East London. Representatives of film, TV, showbiz, music, sports, fashion, art. Charities and campaigning organisations. The elderly, the young, women, men and the environmental conservationists. The able and less able, the army and the human rights organisations.

Finally – an opportunity for the world to see ‘the world’ in all it’s fabulousness – celebrating a marriage – celebrating a union – celebrating love.

No matter who we are, what we do, where we live and our backgrounds – we are simply unique individuals, living in one beautiful big world doing the best we can do to make our own personal worlds and the bigger world the best it can be.

Unity. Unified. Together helping each other out. Can you think of a better way of being?

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