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An historic day in Ireland

An historic day in Ireland. I am hoping to come on live at some point today to share a bit of my story and a message from my spirit baby Rosa, whom I released 8 years ago due to genetic complications. A message for all women who have faced this choice, for whatever the reason.

To hopefully ease any pain, let you know you are not alone, you acted out of love, for yourself and your baby – and there is always, always a bigger picture. To hold onto you and to hold onto finding the meaning and the healing within your experience.

Never in a million years could I have imagined, let alone thought possible, that the choice I made, that as you’ll find out Rosa and I made together on Soul level, would lead me to doing what I do now – helping women connect with their babies and future babies in spirit. To support women on their journeys to motherhood. Being a channel for baby souls. A role I feel utterly blessed to have.

Below is a tiny extract of the book I am writing with Rosa – entitled Rosa’s Choice. And I’ll read a bit more out later. And if you don’t get that far but need to talk please do get in touch by sending me a message.

Or find out more here:

Conversations with Rosa on baby loss
“Some babies are merely here for a short experience to know what it feels like to be in a body and connect with their Soul parents. They may only need a few short weeks to realise their potential on this earth and they may decide to come back, or wait for another time and another set of circumstances.

And so our babies have choices and at some level you have a choice too. Maybe you cannot offer what the baby needs at this time and so you decide to let them go until you can manage this better and your own Soul purpose in this relationship.

It may also be the body they did not choose. For us my darling Debra your body and my body were perfect for the circumstance we chose because we chose my ‘unwholeness’ in your eyes, for you to become whole. It was my choice to come to you and your choice to accept me and our choice for it to happen in this way. And this is a contract and a love that was formed eons ago, as we both set our sights on a much higher aim from our journey.

And yet you did not know this at the time, and so you grieved and you shouted and you swore and you hated life and it has to be said that all of this had to happen in order for you to embrace life my dear, for you were not embracing life at this time, you were living only some kind of half life and it was to the fullness of life that you had to awaken.

And so I would wish to say sorry to you for this, but this too would be an untruth, for how can we be sorry for what has since transpired from this moment? For hasn’t it now been that you feel more alive than ever before because of the ‘death’ you have experienced?

And yet I did not experience that death, I only experienced a short time of joy in the womb of your body and the love that I felt there.”

(ME)And then I asked what that moment of release was like for her. Certainly for me, the emotional and physical pain was indescribable. This was not the case for Rosa and I am pretty certain all of our babies.
Rosa: “I was free to regain my whole Soul and I am telling you there is no greater moment in your life when this happens, for it is a true celebration of what is home. And it is not to say that the moment before leaving the body is not a sad one, for it is always bliss to be in the arms of unconditional love in a mother’s tummy.

However, it is not in comparison to the explosion of light and joyfulness that comes from being free of that body, and especially so in my case as I was never meant to be coming into your world in the first place.”


Every women and every baby soul’s experience is unique. But I hope you find these words healing as that is our intention. And please reach out to me if you need support.

And if you wish to join our sacred community of mums and mums in waiting then you are most welcome to join us here and receive a meditation – connecting with your baby or future baby in spirit.


With so much love


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