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Lions gate portal

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What is the significance of the Lion’s Gate Portal?

The Lion’s Gate is a portal that was opened many moons ago by a series of priests in ancient times in a city and a country you know as Egypt. This was a time when men knew they were in control of the stars and not the other way around for they knew that they were of the stars and therefore knew of their power and their ability and their right to govern and control all of what they saw on their planets as well as their current home planet of earth.

And at some time this portal was corrupted by those who wished to control the planets for their own good and their own greed and who refused to work with and align with the very many other star gazers that filled the night skies and the earth’s tombs.

And so they took this power for themselves and this was not the best of times for this was the worst of times in terms of the collapsing of the portals and the collapsing of the opportunities that man had to access these portals in order to float about in space and do as they so wished when they wished.

And so it was that man began to feel trapped on this earth. And so it was man began to feel that earth was the only place in the heavens that had ever existed and so they put their stock into earth and they put their hopes into the earth, only to find that the earth was not wanting, but that they indeed were wanting.

Because they wished to experience the times of free travel and free expression and free visiting of all the star gates across the land and yet they could not, and even more so, they did not because they did not know how to.

And so it came to be that eventually man turned against the earth and the earth turned against the cosmos as it was filled with the love and also the loathing of those who had tried to control it, and those who had tried to filter it, and those who had indeed reaped and raped and burnt the earth, all seemingly to find the treasures that lay within it whilst having no conscious memory that what it was they were looking for could no longer be found.

What it was they were looking for was not the treasures of the earth but the treasures of themselves that had lain dormant and locked away, just as the portals to access the whole and entire Universe had been locked away.

And it was then that man found that they could not be found, because they had no idea what was missing – so long ago were these memories of these times of connection and universal acceptance as the energies that we are.

And instead they began to feel more and more of the separation and the anger and the angst and the lack that came from being cut out of and off from this Oneness.

And so my dear, you are asking about the significance of these times now and the significance of this portal now and I am indeed delighted to inform you that this is not the only portal that will be opening up at this time, for it is almost time for the whole world and indeed the whole Universe to come together yet again and recognise themselves as the multitude of Souls of those across galaxies that are indeed of the one true Soul and that one true Soul that is known as God on your planet and yet by many other names across the Universe.

And so as many of you celebrate this Lion’s Gate portal, a portal that was once closed all those eons ago, but as a protection of it rather than a control of it, then I also hope you notice and realise of the very many other portals that are slowly coming back into existence.

And we ask you to look very closely at your earth for it is here that many of the answers, that many of you people are looking to be answered, are to be found.

For you are not just of one race, but of very many races and those races are being seen and heard across the planet, yes, but also your Universe.

For each of you has a part to play and a role to move and knowing at all times that this really is only for one purpose – and that is the purpose of once again creating heaven as it is on earth and not the way that you often see it, which is creating earth as it is in heaven.

For what you see below is also above and to the side and to the left and to the right, for it is the all and everything of the all and everything and as each portal opens and as each star system comes back online with the earth and as each star gate recognises itself and themselves as such and then truly will you know how you can once again rule the planets and this will not be for personal gain, but it will be for the benefit and rectification of all.

And so celebrate well this time my dear, for yes, it is significant. But do not allow your limited human minds to limit this significance to mere light coming back into and onto your planet. For this is a significance that has reaches far beyond the human form and far beyond the individual.

And so it is with our blessings and with our trust and with our love that the earth will once again begin to stand as the mother of all mothers in the lands above and beyond your current comprehension.

And we wish you well with your new explorations into the many worlds that are once again beginning to open up to you.

With all our love. The guides and Masters of the Universe.

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