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Goddess Isis – healing the wounds of the mother

Magical Monday – today – healing beliefs around fearless love

Goddess Isis is bringing you her gift of fearless love. The card I pulled today is – She Shall Always Prevail. Yes we will!

With the Goddess energy so prevalent right now, encouraging all women (and men) to rise and embody the energy of the Divine Feminine I was wondering when Isis would make an appearance. And of course here she is at the beginning of a New Month that is about loving ourselves enough to step into our dreams and showing us our warrior spirit in order to do so!

Isis loves herself and loves life and refuses to allow bitterness or hatred to overcome her – at least not for long. She is the spiritual embodiment of living well is the best revenge. A tough lesson but an oh so rewarding one.

I have a deep affinity with Isis as the Divine mother. Those of us that have ever been asked to give up something or someone we truly loved in order to take our spiritual journey are being initiated into the mystery school of Isis.

For me this was my own challenging journey to motherhood, when after three miscarriages I became pregnant with my daughter Rosa. Genetic complications led me to make the impossible decision of releasing Rosa. Hear the story here. https://soundcloud.com/user-784341978

However, it is also the experience that led me to my own spiritual awakening to the ‘bigger picture’ of life and ultimately to my life purpose – which is supporting and guiding people on their own spiritual awakening, particularly one for women that has been instigated by the journey to motherhood and their own healing.

I am now writing a book – Rosa’s Choice – healing the wounds of the mother – with Rosa! It’s so important to stay open to any bigger purpose to your experiences. We can never imagine what life has in store for us!

The energy of Isis is guiding my work more and more.  This exact card was the very first one I pulled for the opening of my first closed Facebook Group for women experiencing pre-conception struggles, baby loss and birth trauma. She brings her love and courage to the group.

And more recently, this energy of the Divine Mother is at the forefront of the retreat I am co-running – ‘Walking with the Magdalene’ – Red Tent Healing Day. This is very much an initiation into the energies of the Divine Mother and healing of the wounds of the mother which we all carry.

Isis is here to  guide and empower you to become fearless in love. This doesn’t mean being immune to pain but nor will you be conquered by doubt. If anything or anyone tries to stop you from succeeding you shall pick up the gauntlet and win. Nothing will defeat you.

You are able and ready to leave past hurts and pains in the past and rather than hold onto bitterness or resentment or disappointment, you choose love, you choose your life and to continue with your dreams. And this opens up a whole world of possibility and blessings. A knowing that everything really is going to be ok.

So if you would like to receive the energy to help you do this, simply say yes to the beliefs below.

  • I know what it feels like to have the will to live no matter what
  • I know what my warrior spirit feels like and how to express it
  • I choose to forgive and free myself from any memory or experience and associated belief system of ‘giving up’.
  •  I know what it feels like to release resentment
  • I know what it feels like to live without feeling bitter
  • I know and choose to honour my inner strength, my will to love and my love for life
  • I know what it feels like to be curious about how my life is unfolding
  • I know how to turn feelings of uncertainty into curiosity and trust in the Divine
  • I know the Universe has my back
  • I have the highest truth and understanding of Divine Love

I know how to, I choose to do so, I deserve to, I am safe doing so and I choose to live this daily with grace and ease now.

And so it is.

If you wish to experience working with me on a one to one basis and the energy of the Divine Mother on your own journeys, particularly your journeys to motherhood, please send me a PM and/or take a look here.



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