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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – message from spirit. Today – earth healing

Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – weekly message from spirit 11 Sep 2018

Message from the earth spirits.

“Oh the joy that you recognise we are here with you and that we exist and are here to play and to assist you in your lives, for as you do this, you also assist us.

It has been for far too long that we have remained hidden from view, hidden from sight from you all as you all chose to see only the plants and the birds and the animals and yet choose not to see the very life force that enables these creatures to be.

The very life force that indeed creates and allows for you to be. So do you understand how important it is to see, really see, the flowers that are opening up for you and the waves and the waters of the world that are the washers of you.

The bees and the insects that are the creators and the bin men of the world because without them, you too will not exist and we are urging you to see this. You and they and me and you are of the very same life force and it is to this life force we are holding onto on this planet that can and is serving the Whole Universe.

And so now do you see how important it is that we are all seen as one? And so now do you see how vital it is not only that we can see you but you too must be able to see us? See us in the opening of a flower, hear us in the buzzing of a bee and cut off your minds from the fact that we may or may not be here, into a place of simply knowing we are.

Because we are you and we all do indeed thrive off of the very same life force that keeps you alive and the very same life force that allows the leaves of the trees to fall away in a gentle cleansing of love only to come back again the next year in full and vital bloom, ever more stronger and more vibrant.

And so all we ask is that you see us. See us in your mirrors and see us in your hearts, see us in your showers in the water that falls down from above, for this is indeed the very same water that falls down from above for it is blessed whether it is the water of a shower or water of a waterfall out in nature.

And so protect these sites and protect yourselves and protect us, for within all of this protection is only love; love of the highest most purest vibration. The vibration that is all of life and a life that must and can be sustained through the full acknowledgement of our existence and the existence of all life on earth, a life of joy, a life of wonder, a life of love.”

Second message. (source energy)

“We are not walking on the earth, you are walking with the earth as the earth begins to reclaim its stance and its stand as the heart of the entire Universe.

And so do not think it is only you humans who have a right to be on this earth and do not think it is only you humans who have a chance at making or breaking this earth, for there are very many creatures and very many beings for whom the healing of the earth and the knowing of the earth for what it truly is , a key they, and all and everything wish to unlock.

And our question to you is wouldn’t you rather be working in tandem with all of the creatures for whom the earth is king or queen? Or would you rather continue to work alone, strive alone and battle alone, fighting each other for the land, the space the greed and the un-joy of walking on this planet?

Or would you choose, if you could, to walk with joy and not on the earth but with the earth as it rises back into the full glory from once where it came. And how does this feel my dear ones – to rise with the earth as it rises and to see how far and how high you can go with this earth?

Or is it that you choose us to remain here. Simply on the earth with no place other to go then down into its centres only to be brought back up another time to try again to see that the earth is far more than you think it is, is far more than you know it to be.

And it is time to know it. And so we ask you to look deeply and closely at your lives and the life around you and see where it is rising and see where it is falling and make another choice. The choice to choose, the choice to know and the choice to rise alongside and with the earth and not in a battle over it or upon it.

For as you rise, so does the world. And as the world rises, so do you. For you are one. And there is no other way.

With all of our love. Your guardian spirits and angels upon high and low.

And so it is.”

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