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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – message from spirit. Today – sacred conception

Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – weekly message from spirit 2 October 2018

Message from my spirit guide – Rosa

“Conception is often thought of as a purely physical act of lovemaking at the right time, the right place, the right egg and the right sperm and the right bodies to make this happen.

However, can you consider that there is perhaps something else going on around this sacred act? That this moment of conception is a meeting of heaven and earth? That this conception is one of spirit meeting spirit on this earthly plain and joining together as one in order for much greater things to happen?

Is it possible that as this sperm meets this egg there is so much more to be seen in the ripples of the whole Universe? That it is not just between one man and one woman but it is indeed the whole Universe in action?

An action that will have momentous effects in the world, effects that this little one will have on the people they meet, the things they do, their energy that that they share out into the world and their mission in this life?

Is it possible that conception is much, much more that a simple act of lovemaking, but is indeed a world changer, a Universe mover, an embodiment of life itself as the creators and co-creators of life choose to make it this moment, in this time and space and in this body and in this part of the world to come into form?

Do you think this is an accident? Do you think this life, this moment has no further repercussions out into the world than for that of the parents and its family?

I think you know the answer to this for do you indeed not recognise the impact that you have had in the world? The people you have met, touched and changed in either kindness or other?

The changes you have made to yourself and to and for others, which in turn have changed lives down the line?

And so you see, this beautiful act of creation is not a simple physical act, it is a moment, yet another moment in the awakening and the changing of the world itself as another new Soul arrives to add their very unique flavour and sounds to the vibration and upliftment of the world.

And it is this jigsaw of life coming together and apart each forming a perfect piece in a perfect puzzle. And so it is that these precious souls here in spirit do choose to come together at a certain time and at a certain place and at a certain moment in order to fulfil and fill this world with life and all of life.

And for those for whom conception has not yet come, do not fear and do not worry for there is always something bigger to be found here on this journey.

And for those for whom conception was just this moment in time and you feel that this moment did not affect the future as I have spoken of above, yet again, do not fear, for this moment of conception, no matter how and no matter when and no matter for whom and no matter for how long, truly does shift and change the sands of time in your own world and beyond.

So please we ask you to acknowledge these brave spirits who are willing to come to spread life with you and add their flavour to the world, no matter for how long this may be. And to acknowledge those spirits who choose to enable this moment of creation to happen; to create the energy of life in whichever way that may be.

For whatever you may think and feel about life, it is indeed life you have chosen and it is indeed life that these baby spirits are seeking.

It is then up to you which picture of life you choose to present to them.”


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