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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – message from spirit. Today – the truth about lust – is it really a deadly sin?

Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – weekly message from spirit 24th October 2018

The truth about lust. Is it really a deadly sin? Who told you it was and why?

And so take this energy of lust as an example of how you have been told it is a ‘wrong’ thing, a ‘bad’ thing, a woman thing even as it is the woman who can often be seen to incite the lust in another.

However, is this the truth? For it is certainly not our truth as we sit and watch it from here. For there is no greater energy driving us forward than lust. It is lust that allows us to throw caution to the winds. It is lust that kicks us out of our patterns and behaviours that have so often kept us hidden and quiet.

And it is lust that can drive us and motivate us to create and explore and live life as we never have experienced before. And do you see now why this energy of lust has been dubbed a ‘bad’ thing? That this energy of lust has been marked as the energy of all sinners and those sinned upon? Do you understand why this lustful energy of life and joy has been deemed to be so dangerous it must be controlled at all costs?

And usually at the cost of the human life, human love and human privation? Because it is an energy that can rise up out of nowhere and demand its pleasure. And so can you see why they do not wish you to have this pleasure?

Can you see why they do not wish you to run free with this energy? Is it perhaps because they want to hold onto it all for themselves? To take it and harness it and use it for their ends and not for the greater good of anyone other than themselves?

For this is a twisted lust, just as there is a twisted love. A twisted love that has held people small and under the cosh of another for fear of them being alone. And much like this, so too has this energy of lust been corrupted to meet the ends of the few and not the needs of the masses.

The need to be free, to express, to explore, to master this lust – that was once such a ‘good’ thing to be seen to have. This lust for life and procreation and creation, for this is what lust is. It is the energy of life. It has just been twisted and distorted into the one thing where this lust has left someone feeling they have power over another. That it is ok for one to have but not another.

And this is what is wrong in your society. That a whole half of your population have been cut off from their ability to feel lust because they have been told over very many generations that lust is evil, lust is bad, lust is something that men have and can so often ‘get you into trouble’.

That it is not the men who can ‘get you into trouble’ but the lust that you are not allowed to have but which you can incite in men  – that is the trouble.

And this is the wrong thing. This is the misinterpretation of this energy that has been carried through for many years after many years. And do you now see why this energy was one that the men chose to suppress? Because they wished to suppress you, the very life-force that was you, the life-force of lust that is the force of abundance and creation – for they wished to take this all for themselves.

But they have not done a great job of this, for it has not served either the male or the female. For the balance has tipped from one of lust for life and joy and abundance to one of lust for greed and pain and control.

And for this no one can be blamed for it is surely the case that if energy is not allowed to flow, then it will not flow, it will become stuck and distorted and transform into something other than it was. And so my dears it is time to look at your own sense of lust. For your teenagers certainly have it and this is not to be seen as an embarrassing thing, it is only to be seen as a lesson in having and accessing and celebrating this energy – not for the love of lust but for the love of life this lust gives.

And for that lust to be harnessed within the self as the life-force it is, not to take from others or demand from others but to recognise as a compatible energy in which you give and receive of life itself.

For this is not ‘giving away your sex’. This is very much not the same as giving anything of yourself away that you do not wish to give. This lust is the powerful force that enables you to live your life from your place of power, from you place of saying no, until it is you meet it in another to be shared and boosted and exerted out in to the Universe as an energy of life force, of pleasure, of joy, of fun and of love, always of love.

Love for self, love for an other with whom you wish to share and experience this powerful form of lust.

And so do not distance yourself from this lust for it is not the lust that is the problem but the perception and the harnessing of that lust for good and for life and perhaps even new life to be born from it.

The hidden treasure that saw your lust, turn to greed, turn to pain, turn to guilt, turn to healing to come full circle back to lust to turn to love, to turn to fun, to turn to joy.

And so it is.”


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