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Discover your heart’s desire – guided meditation

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Every Monday I pull a tarot card to guide the energy of the week, offer some distance healing around that particular issue and often do a guided healing meditation.

Magical Monday for 5th November 2018 –  – healing beliefs around discovering and living – your Divine Desire.

How beautiful is this week’s card and message! I have never seen it before and its gift has been to immediately set me up for the week with a sense of possibility and permission to daydream and follow my dreams. To melt into life.

If you would like to receive the energy of the following beliefs to help you discover and honour your Divine Desire, just say yes and allow the energy to flow through you.

• I have the highest truth and understanding of my Divine Desire
• I know what it feels like to release all fears around knowing my Soul’s deepest yearnings
• I know what it feels like to surrender to my Soul’s Divine Plan
• I know what it feels like and how to discover my true spiritual desires
• I know what it feels like and how to honour and express my true spiritual desires on this earth
• I know how to and choose to forgive, release and shed any memory or associated belief system connected to shaming, guilt or judgement of desire.

I know how to, I choose to, I’m safe to do so, I deserve to and I do live my life with this grace and ease now.

And so it is.

What is your Divine Desire?

What is your Divine desire? Hearts Desire, Soul’s Desire? We likely all have so much we desire – but what is that deeply felt desire – that dream that is often so deeply buried because quite frankly – the thought of actually having it/doing it/being it/living it is terrifying!

We know it will push us way out of our comfort zone – until that is – you’re ready!

Are you ready to change your life?

Feel that life spark and to know your own Soul’s magic? How you felt about coming to earth this time round and what you planned to feel and experience?

Who you’ve been and who you are on Soul level? What is your life purpose – why are you here? What is your deepest hearts desire?

Take a look at my Life Spark program https://debrakilby.com/soul-plan-for-life/


If you want to change how you feel, ease anxiety, finally allow yourself to be fully you, I am ready to step up alongside you as your guide.

I look forward to it!
Much love

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