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A soul perspective on shame and termination – message and healing meditation – video at bottom of page

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Every Wednesday I share a channeled message from spirit. This Wednesday (5th Dec) happened to be the day 8 years ago i said hello and goodbye to my daughter Rosa. This experience led back to myself and to my life purpose, which is supporting women on their jounrney to motherhood – whether that be finding it hard to become pregnant, baby loss, miscarriage and termination, or experiencing birth trauma at the birth of your baby. 

Shame, that sense of having done something wrong or bad, a fear of being judged or worse, prevents us from fully healing and owning our stories and who we are. There is no such thing as shame, it is man-made. Below is a message from my spirit baby and mentor Rosa on shame from a soul perspective, particularly in relation to termination. However this message offers much more insight into our Soul life and the Universe.

Here is  the link to the video with healing meditation around shame at the end.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUnI-UtDGvM&t=704s



“Shame, what is shame, what is this terminology of shame and why is it present in your human form? For it is certainly not an emotion that I felt here where I am now. But this does help you understand shame and so I will do my best to describe it to you and from whence it came.

So shame is essentially about the shame of the body. The shame of the body that once gave and gave and gave in its infinite love of the Universe and of all beings present in that Universe. And it was of and with no shame that this love was given because this love was for the highest and best of all.

It was a choice to give and a choice to love and a choice to share all of the goodness of the body and all of the life force energy and all of the beings that could be birthed from it. And yet again at some point in time there were many who chose to question this love, this type of love that was all giving, and all seeing and all knowing of life.

For who are they to not have this love for themselves, who were they to not have this love and to bottle it up and sell it for all it was worth, who were they to not have control of and control over this love?

And so they took it. And they took it for themselves not knowing that they already had it, it was just buried o deeply within them they did not realise it. And it was the way that they took it that was the instigator and the catalyst for the shame that so many of you experience now.

For it was certainly not there before and at some point in time it will no longer need to be there, present within you, for there will be an even deeper understanding of what it I to love and what it means to give and in particular give life to another being, whether that be a being born into physical form or a being born back into the love and the arms of the whole Universe.

And so you see when you ask about the shame that is linked to a termination, there really is no such thing. Because you are not terminating anything or anyone, as no thing and no one can be terminated, and at the very most by a human form, because this is not your power to terminate and neither is it your choice.

It simply is a birthing of a being into another realm, a realm that may most likely suit that being better at that time then the realm of the earth. And so when you say you released me, this is exactly what you did – released me from my contract to return to earth in order that I many continue my studies and continue my living from another place – a place where you find me now in the other realms.

And yes, including in the baby spirit realm, for I do not always dwell there for I have no notion of yet again returning to your earth, at least not until there comes to a point in time when the earth is indeed heaven again.

For this is indeed what the earth was and is – heaven. You simply do not see it that way. And it is of your own making that you see it as a hell – a hell on earth – because you choose to remain in the past, choose to remain in those moments of trauma when the world collapsed around you and you did all indeed feel like you were all dying.

But dying you did not, and neither have any of your babies, or anyone else’s babies. We are simply here moving about the Universe birthed into the realms we are meant to be in right now.

And this may well be the realm of the earth or may well be another realm, but know that whatever realm we are in, we are and always will be with you. So do not hold onto that shame that you have killed or you have terminated for there are no such words here in the Universe, we do not know of this experience of being terminated, we only know of this experience of being birthed.

And as we birth, so too do others birth, as we are continually recycling ourselves into more and more of the experiences we came here to experience and it makes no matter to us whether that experience is here with you on earth physically, or here with you in another place or time, we are simply with you living our lives as we choose to live our lives.

And yet it is that in your realm you take these choices as signs of weakness, of something wrong, of something ‘bad’, of something to admonish and administer pain for, either to yourselves or others for whom you do not understand their own personal soul journey.

And it is time to be rid of this shame for it is not a real thing, it is a thing that has been given to you by others who choose to try and control you and control the choices you make.

For they are not ready or nor do they wish you to be ready to see the very real truth of the matter, that matter, is matter. And you cannot make matter come to an end and you cannot make matter,  matter, without that matter having a choice in the matter.

And I know you often get lost in all my words and this makes me laugh as I am playing with you sometimes when I do this. For I know how seriously you can take life and I know how complicated you can make life seem and appear when I reality there are no complication, we simply are.

And we are simply here, or we are simply not here. And when we are not here with you on earth, we are simply somewhere else and yet always with you. And so do not feel bad from a soul level that you have released your babies, they will always come back to you if that is their want and that is your want and  that is part of your plan together.

For they feel no pain at that moment of release, they only feel birthed into somewhere else for another adventure until, and if, it is time for them to re-join you in this physical place.

And yet I know that on a human level this is a choice that is far from simple and far from free from pain. But maybe that is the point of this experience for many of you. That you feel this pain, that you are aware of this pain within your physical form and yes also in your soul form – for it is through the experience of this pain and the experience of this shame, and the experience of this loss, of your baby, of your values, of your beliefs of ‘thou shalt not kill’ of your loss of self and who you thought you were.

Because this is what your so called termination does. It does not terminate your baby soul, for this is not a law of the Universe. It terminates instead many things about yourself. And you can choose to live with this termination of your life as you know it, the termination of yourself as you know it, the termination of how you feel about your own dignity, your values, your sense of self-worth and your own worthiness to be alive in this world.

This is what a termination is for. And if you are not ready to experience this termination, this death of your old ways, your old patterns and programmes and who you thought yourself to be then we do not recommend this experience for you.

For you are not ready to go within, so deep within that you often feel you will never come out of it, come out of that box of shame that has been programmed into you from almost the beginning of time when it was that, those others decided that life was there to control, love was there to control, that only ‘they’ could make your choices of what was right or what was wrong and not the individual. And most certainly not the woman.

For who was a woman to make such a choice of who lives and who dies? For surely it is only the male of the species, the male who himself cannot create life in either your human sense, or universal sense, that must be the one to control and be in control of this process of creation.

For surely if it was the women, then where does that leave the male? What would happen to the male, to the masculine, to the point of them, if they were not able to control the women? For surely the women would simply give and give and give and what would happen then if we all just did give and give and give?

It is not a concept that can come easily to the male, for this is an energy of take and claim in their being. And it is this that has got out of balance. And it is this that must now come full circle and back into balance.

For the female to rise yes, but for the male to be heard and to be understood and for their fears of being inconsequential, a fear that runs so deep within the veins of the Universe, that it affects all things and affects all life.

For once the male is recognised and honoured for the Master creator they are in their own right, that once they are recognised as the being that must be visible within the process of creation, that creation is indeed the balance of both the male and the female, then it is then and then it is now, that a true creation can happen.

The creation of life on all planets as and when an individual Soul so chooses to incarnate or so chooses to be birthed, or so chooses to experiences the depths of the pain of loss in order to heal and to lift and to rise through this pain and understand that they are not only living this pain now but indeed playing out an ancient, ancient story of fear – fear of the wiping out of the masculine.

And it is to this fear that we must now all turn to ease and to coddle the male in order for the world to feel a safe place once more. A safe place to be. A safe place without fear or without shame. For in reality there cannot be any such thing.

And so we honour you women who have made this choice. Made this choice to destroy a life before it has even begun, for you have destroyed nothing and no one but the fear and the shame within yourselves.

And so this too is a service. A service of giving and a service of love. And we honour you for this. And it is with our love and blessing that soon this will no longer be a need to perform. That this will no longer be a deed that needs to be seen or taken.

For there will be no thing that needs to be terminated – for all there will be – is love.

And so it is.

Our infinite blessings.



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Much love

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