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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – message from spirit. Today – what has 2018 been about and what does the 12:12:21 gateway and solstice offer us

Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – weekly message from spirit – 18th December 2018

“Look at the stars, look at the moon, look at the creatures of earth, look at yourselves – this is what your year has been about. To recognise and acknowledge all of that you are and all of that you are yet to be.

There is nothing more important than recognising yourselves, your true selves. Not the selves that you have been taught or shown, but the inner most workings of your mind, your soul, your heart – for therein lies all the answers to the Universe that you will ever wish to seek.

And so do not continue to look outside for your answers, or continue to look outside for your blame, when life does not seem to be going according to plan. For if you knew your plan, 1) you would either not be creating the experience you are currently enjoying, or 2) you would be enjoying every moment of your current situation for you will know it to be a part of a greater part of your Soul growth.

And so do not dally too much longer on going to the very core of you, the inside of you, for within are indeed the answers to your own and everyone else’s Universe as expressed uniquely through yourself.

And so instead of seeing yourself as a unique expression of the Universe, a point to which many of you have reached, now it is time to see your very selves as the Universe. Because just as you go about your business of creating for yourself and your own life, so do you add your own unique mixture and element into the whole, as a whole.

The whole part you are of an even greater whole part. And so this is what you have been experiencing thus far in this so called year of yours, for of course we do not deal with time here, only the right time, the now time, the infinite time that is ever expanding and all-encompassing in all the Universes and not just your own.

And that is something to dwell on my dear ones as you enter into yet another so-called year, because as you have begun to understand yourselves as multidimensional beings, so too now do you have a chance and an opportunity to actually become at one with your multidimensional self.

But maybe this is too much for some of you right now and so I will backtrack to the question of what has 2018 been about? 2018 has been about shifting the sands of time in the favour of the Universe, in favour of the world, in favour of you.

And we understand that this has not often felt it to be the case, however, if you would care to look back at where you were in the month you call January and where you are now in this month you call December, you will notice some very big changes have taken place.

And this may seem like it is for the better, or it may seem like it is for the worst, whereas in truth neither of these positions matter – it is merely a case of accepting all that has happened and putting it down to experience. And this is not to diminish the pain and hurt of your human experiences, for this must too be recognised, however, it is for the sake of the experience itself that often so much happens, because it is merely something that you wished to create in order to live through and ‘experience’ the feelings of that experience.

And then you grow and then you change and then you may choose a different experience. And just for fun, maybe it’s time to choose experiences that feel more fun, feel more light and feel more free for surely you must all be bored of your suffering by now. Do you realise that you are not here to suffer but merely to experience the suffering in order to feel the joy. Or perhaps it is to joy you always chose in order to feel the suffering of others and be able to help them out of it.

Who knows what it is you will choose to experience, but always know it is a choice and so choose well. And one way you may wish to choose is to choose to know yourself, for then you will be much more in the flow of your choice and understand your choices and the experiences you bring forward in order to live your original plan.

For choices only feel awkward and uncomfortable when they are the ones that go against the choice of your Soul.

And so this brings us to this portal you are all talking about. A portal that was once so fashionable and yet so forgotten for many, many years as the veils reigned over your world. And yet these veils are lifting and lifting more and more, for more and more people to see the light of themselves, the truth of themselves.

And so it is to this portal that maybe we can call the portal of truth. For within this opportunity being here and now presented to you is indeed the opportunity of truth. The opportunity to see yourself for your ‘selves’ and not how others wish to see you or how you wish to see others.

This is an opportunity to recognise the full expression of yourself and as you do so more and more of you, of your ‘self’ will be enabled to come down onto this planet of yours and walk the earth yet again bringing more joy, more light, more awakening to the planet itself in order for you and all parts of you to rise.

And so as you have connected in with the stars of you this year, the earth of you, the creatures of you, the flowers of you, you will know that they and you, are in fact the whole of you, the all of you and so as you look after one, so do you take care of another in one beautiful pattern of life on earth and life in the Universe.

And so do you see how you pollute your world and so do you pollute yourselves? And so too as you begin to love and understand yourselves more, so too will you love and understand the others in your world, whether they be human, rock or alien. For all is one and it is indeed to oneness that we are heading.

If only you could all start with the oneness of yourself, then the rest simply follows.

And so it is.

Channeled from Source by Debra Kilby.

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