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Magical Monday – today – healing beliefs around trust.

Magical Monday – today – healing beliefs around trust.

Every Monday I ask for a theme for the week and offer distance healing around beliefs that will help support you. Just say yes to receive the energy of the beliefs below.

Did anyone else feel the wave of energy coming in on Saturday night! Sleep was not on the cards – the world is certainly feeling very, very different.  For many of us this is magical and exciting and what we imagined we would we feel and we can happily congratulate ourselves on the trust we placed in ourselves, in the Universe.

However, it is much, much harder to put your trust in the Universe when life has taken an unexpected and challenging turn. For those of you who can, hold the trust for others who for whatever reason are finding this difficult right now.

Call on Mother Mary to surround you with love and healing.

Finding the triggers to when you feel a lack of trust is relatively easy. However. there are so many layers to trust, getting to the core of what kicks you out of simply trusting wholeheartedly may likely take some deep exploration and healing work. And I believe is linked to separation / even abandonment and feeling betrayed. This can particular stem from our relationships with our mother. And this isn’t a blame thing – this is patterns and wounds from eons of pain of the Divine Feminine.

My life purpose is to heal the wounds of the Mother – as mothers, mothers to be, mothers who have lost, and as children of mothers who are in pain – this of course stretches as far as healing Mother Earth herself.

It is during the more challenging moments of life that we need to trust the most – and this card suggests this is what we are being asked to do – as well as reassuring us that the Universe does have your back.

To help with any trust issues, if you wish to receive the energy of the following beliefs, just say yes and allow the energy to flow through you.

  • I have the highest truth and understanding of trust
  • I know what it feels like to trust unconditionally
  • It is safe to trust
  • I trust I will be guided into the new life awaiting me
  • I know what it feels like to live without worry
  • I know what it feels like to allow the Divine unrestricted access to my life for increasing flow and ease
  • I know it is safer to trust unconditionally in the Divine than in my own mind which has a limited perspective from what has already been and not what is ahead.
  • I know what it feels like to accept unconditionally loving help
  • I release, forgive and free myself from any wound, experience or related belief system to do with mothering and trust. May broken trust be healed.

I know how to, I deserve to, I’m safe doing so, I allow myself to and I choose to live my daily life with this grace and ease now.

And so it is.

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