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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – message from spirit. Today – Trust – what is it and how can we hold trust after loss?

Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – weekly message from spirit – 29th January 2019

How can we and why should we continue to trust life, trust the Universe following the loss of a child or loved one?

“My darling scribe, what is there not to trust? Does the sun not rise each day? Does the wind not blow? Do the flowers not grow? Does the sun not shine and the moon look sublime each and every day of your lives?

And so why not the trust? For you do not even question the trust that the earth will continue to turn, for it is not of your consequence, and it is not of your power and it is not of your lives, or so you wish to think.

And yet when it is that something happens to make you think – think it is of your consequence, think it is of your power, even think it is of your fault, it is then that you begin to question the trust. The trust in yourself and of course your trust in others and of course your trust in life and the Universe.

But do you not see there is no difference in trusting the turning of the earth and the lack of worry this gives you then the turning of the Universe – your Universe, from one of calm and flow to perhaps one of chaos.

And it is in this chaos that you must remain in trust – for there really is no other way. It is not lack of trust in the Universe here that is of an issue, it is a lack of trust in yourself, a lack of faith in how you have come to this place of mistrust.

And so it is not trust that you should be looking to, but indeed to the suffering that this situation of mistrust has brought to you. Whether that is the suffering of your mind, or the suffering of your body, or the suffering of your Soul – this is what your focus should be.

Not the suffering of not trusting, for there is no more you can do to make the world turn then what you are already doing – and that is having faith in yourself. And so do you see the world is still turning – even when you do not have faith in yourself?

And why do you think this is? It is because we have you, and we hold you and we honour you in love at all times and in all ways and we do not for one moment question the faith or question the trust that we have in you – and so we are simply asking the same in return – for you to see that trust within yourself that you will keep the world turning, and when it is you feel you cannot, then to know that this is what indeed we and others are doing for you until you can resume your state of faith.

And it is that you will never be out of trust for long, for something else will surely happen to signal to you that your loved ones are indeed still at one and are indeed still at one with you, albeit from a different place, but with you none the less.

For there is no changing of, or manipulation of the Universal laws of life – for they are simply the laws. And not the laws to restrict, but the laws to allow the life and the plan and the love of the Universe to flow in full concert of what is meant to be. And so therefore why not have trust?

Why not have trust in the process of creation and this trust in the laws and this trust in yourself. For as I have said this is nothing to do with trust, for once, you all did live in full trust, no matter what were the outward circumstances.

However, this was not to say that there was no heartbreak. And this was not to say there was no tears, or no sadness, or no grief – but what there was not – were questions about integrity or questions around trust – because there was simply a time when just as you do not understand or have a play in the turning of the earth now, neither did you have to question anything about the events of the past, you simply knew it was meant to be for some reason.

The reason you were able to do this was because you were all connected, fully connected to the Universal flow of life in which Souls are Souls with no beginning or no end. Souls are Souls who can come and go and be and do entirely as their Souls choose to come and go and be and do and entirely of their own desires and wishes for what is best for them at that time and not at the wishes of anyone else.

For they are not beholden to anyone else and neither my dears are you. So do not question your trust in what has happened, perhaps it is time to explore why this happened for you in your lifetime, in this lifetime of yours.

And I trust you will allow me to get to my point. That it is not the lack of trust that is the problem but the lack of connection which you feel. Connection to yourself, connection to the Universe, connection to the flow of life and yes, your connection to your baby souls.

But please remember they are not simply your ‘baby souls’. But beautiful and powerful Souls in their own right with their own choices and their own life plans. Plans that indeed are very much linked to yours, but very much theirs alone too.

And so can you trust your baby souls have made their right choices? Choices that are right for them, even if they feel so far from right for you? And can you trust that your own Soul’s calling is to have been a part, a very loving part of this baby soul’s journey thus far?

For once you can accept that there are no outcomes, no expectations, no holding onto and no need to question the very turning of the Universe, then we must and can only actually turn to the pain this loss has delivered.

The pain of ownership, the pain of control, the pain of losing the thoughts and expectations which you had placed onto and upon these Souls who have choice to take their leave. And for you to question why this is so. For surely the loss of a child is the most grievous burn on a human Soul and it is surely only the bravest and most courageous who have offered to experience the pain of this burn.

For within this burn is always a new flourishing; a new seed; a new life then the one you ever thought possible. And we are not saying this is an easy adjustment to make, but we are saying to please hold onto the burn of pain turning and transforming into the most beautiful forest of love once again.

A forest that may be very different from the one you once saw, but a forest none the less.

And we hold you in our light as you move through the fire of pain and into the heat of the love and the light that lie beyond it. A world that is indeed very different, but one no less sublime and beautiful than the one first imagined.

And so my dears it is not a question of blame. Of blaming your body, of blaming your diet, of blaming your beliefs or even of blaming your ‘self’, or blaming the Universe to the extent that you do not know how you will ever trust again.

For trust is innate – it is always there – it has simply been forgotten under the piles of pain. And yet within these piles are the secrets to life itself and when you hold the secrets to life – you know there is no need to ever feel this or buy into this sense of mistrust ever again.

And so it is to your connection we are asking you to resume within these moments of pain – connection with yourself and that which in turn is a connection to the entire Universe.

And so it is.

With our love and blessings for your understanding of the complications in the simplicity that is life on your earth.


Channeled from Source by Debra Kilby.

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Holding you in love and faith until you are able to do this for yourself.
Much love



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