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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – message from spirit. Today – What’s the most important message for people to hear for 2019?

Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – weekly message from spirit – 9th January 2019

 “All messages are important are they not if that is the store that you put on them? I could say that this message for 2019 is to love cats. And for some of you this will be an important message and some of you will question the randomness of this statement, for it is has no relevance for you.

So to ask for me to say to you what is the most important message for 2019, is one I cannot really hope to answer for the satisfaction of all, for all has a very different view on what they see and how they see the world.

And so they would not necessarily trust my answer. And this is not to say that I am not trustworthy but more to say that you do not often trust yourselves. For do not forget it is you who indeed hold all the answers and I am merely an observer of them and a watcher of them and how they come into your lives.

And so you see that each and everyone of you will have a very different answer to what it is the most important message for your year ahead. And that is because you are all individuals with your own unique needs and dreams; needs and dreams that are in fact a part of your very DNA and which have been placed there by you over many, many eons of time.

And so what is it that is the most important for you –  I would say is my most important question for you. For each of you to come to that place of exploration of within, to look deep inside the galaxy that is yourself and be in wonder at the stars you hold within, the billions upon billions of stars of light you hold within, all with their own unique story and all with their own unique flavour.

Oh how long you could be living in order to explore all of these stars you hold and what wonder and delights you would find there if you did. For you would find there not only all you ever have been but also who you will ever be – for there are no boundaries and neither are there any limits to the lives and potentials and the capabilities that you hold. For the truth is you have very much lived them already anyway.

And so what is it that stops you from turning within and seeking those stars and seeking those stories of who you have ever been, in order to find your answer of who you ever will be and indeed who ‘on earth’ you are in this very moment.

And is this maybe because many of you do not see yourselves as the stars? See yourselves as the Universe? See yourselves as the very thing you are seeking, which is actually Me. Me, the I AM. For this is who you are and of that have no doubt. It’s just that each of you have chosen to enjoy and experience this journey back to Me, in very, many different ways.

But know that this is all that you are doing in this life of yours, finding your way back to Me, which is of course – now you know – to be you.

And so do not judge and do not separate yourselves from Me for there is no judgement or separation, only that which lies in the mind. And neither separate yourselves from the others, for you may find that they happen to be one of the stars in the galaxy that is you – and it is far more preferable to live a life that does not separate itself from itself.

And so my most important message, if I was to have one that would satisfy myself, would be to have fun. To have fun with this exploring of yourself and your blocks and your quirks and your challenges and your joys. For is life not meant to be lived?

And it is a very different way of living on Planet Earth then anywhere else in the Universe, and it is time for you to see that this, the most beautiful of planets,  as the most exciting, exhilarating, profoundly beautiful playgrounds you have blessed yourselves with experiencing.

And I am supremely grateful for you all to have chosen this planet and this moment as your gateway back to Me. For in it, is surely you.

The Universe that is you and the Universe that is Me. For don’t you get it yet – we are one and the same. And therefore looking after you is looking after me and looking after Me is looking after You.

And so it is you my friends that must decide what is the most important message for 2019. Is it to take care of You? To love and nourish You? For if it is, so too do you nourish this planet and so too do you nourish Me, the all and everything of the all and everything.

And so we are One.


Channeled from Source by Debra Kilby.

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Copyright Debra Kilby © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
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