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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – message from spirit. Today – The story of the Universe

Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – weekly message from spirit – 6th  – 27th Feb 2019

I am currently in the beautiful Island of Jersey to catch up with friends and hole for a couple of days of writing my book with my spirit baby and mentor ‘Rosa – Rosa’ Choice – healing the wounds of the Mother’. A part channelled book to help women who are or have struggled to conceive or who have lost a baby gain a deeper understanding, the bigger picture of their journeys to motherhood and the world of spirit babies.

And so when Rosa started to tell me the story of the Universe I was a bit blown away – what has this got to do with our book I asked – we’re talking about becoming a mum!? And her response was:

“As with all of life, until you understand the root of that life or the root of that pain then how will you ever alter that root to change and to grow and see it to pluck it out altogether if that’s what needs to happen? This will be the basis for so much more than your book.”

And so we continued. And I will reveal each section of Rosa’s story of the Universe on my blog each week for the next few weeks.

Me. I apologised for not connecting in with Rosa for such a long time and chatting generally about the book and asking her what the bigger message for her/our book is.

Week one


“There is a time and a place for everything my dear child and now is the time that we happen to be connecting again and that is a wonderful thing and that is a good thing and the only thing that you need to know right now.

For it is all coming together my precious baby, it is all coming together and the words and the worlds are conspiring together in order to make this happen. And so my beautiful Debra is it that you are ready to hear my words now and that you are ready and willing and able to write them and share them?

For what we have been doing thus far is merely scratching the surface of what is, and what is happening right here and right now and your words and my words will do many great things for the women who will read these words. But they will also do many great things for the world itself. Because what we are doing here my darling Debra is changing the world and changing how we see the world and how the world operates.

And so yes you can hear these words and yes you are ready to hear them. And so relax my little one into the story you are about to be told. For it is the story of creation itself. The creation of the Universe and the creation of the many worlds that are a part of it.

Do not fear these words and do not question these words for I will help you to switch your mind away from them. The time for analysing is later and not for now. 

“So for now, sit back and let go and let me tell you a story. A story of long, long ago when the winds first blew across from the east to the west and the north to the south. Great winds so powerful they blew the very Universe and the Cosmos together.

It is up to you how or what you wish to call these winds but for now we see them as winds. Great and powerful winds that were overseeing and overviewing of the very start of creation. An explosion of light that when they met there was created a Universe. A Universe that had never once been seen in ever of the lands of space above or beyond the nothingness. And as those winds met and as they collided a new force was brought through into the world, because these winds connected in such a manner and with such force that they knew instantly that they were meant to be together.

They knew there and then that all of which they had been looking for as they travelled around in the nothingness was each other. And the minute they met, then a love was born that was beyond words. And so they wished for all and everyone to be able to feel the power of this love, to feel this power of connection when four disparate winds collide and connect and join in a sanctity of marriage that is beyond even your word sanctity.

For there are often no words to describe the love of this love that comes through when these four forces meet. And don’t run away with me when I say four, I urge you to free your mind for now my little one.

And so these four forces became one, became a whole and within that whole became the energys (can’t read my writing – inklings?) of life. Because how could a whole not wish to become even more whole, ever more expansive, ever more greater than the sum of all its parts.

And so in order to do this they had to let go of some of their parts. And some of these parts formed the lands and the planets that you see now in your Universe and some of these parts are in other areas of your nothingness that you cannot see.

And so the whole became a part, of the parts. And this was somewhat disturbing to the whole and also disturbing to the parts because where were they to go now and what were they to do? And how was it that they would once again join together as an even greater and bigger part of the whole – a huge expanse of the love and explosion of light that had come from that very first connection.

And so the parts and the whole agreed to reconvene at certain points in time and to check in on each and everyone’s experience of this wholeness. But also as not wholeness.

And so every now and then at certain points there is a meeting of these planets and a convening of these planets and they give and they share and they swap their stories and their insights into what it means to be a whole, but also a part of the [original] whole.”

To be continued next week…

Week two 

“And so do you see my dear now, how you read your planets in your sky what it is they are doing? And know also that the same thing is happening in other areas of the Whole that you cannot see.

And so if I can continue my story, as each and every planet wished to learn and to grow in its nature and its stature it took on certain personalities as you would see it. And each personality grew stronger and stronger until they became so strong they too had no choice but to separate some of their wholeness into parts in order for them too to  see what it was like to be whole but separate.

And these are the parts that you are seeing today. The parts that have grown from a molecule or a star and the parts that have grown from the earth and the sky and all these parts are essentially a big part of the whole of the four winds, but also a part of the whole of their own part.

And this is not something to be getting your head around quite yet as we are speaking.  So do not try to figure it all out as you are writing my dear and simply keep on writing my words as you are hearing them, for hearing them you are my love, my channel, my light, my part. And so do you see the depth of the message we had for each other when I said to you my ‘unwholeness’ in your human eyes led to you becoming whole. And at the same time led to me becoming whole. Because we were together and then we were apart and yet always one.

And this is why you can hear me my dear because we are of that one. And this is why others can hear other parts of themselves because they too are one.

But I am digressing and I will like you to sit back and to switch off your racing mind and to listen to the rest of my tale.

And so as each of the planets grew and merged and grew again and as each of the planets grew and merged and separated again then each and everyone of them swapped information and consciousness about their experience as a whole part, of a part of the whole.

And within each of these parts of the whole, still more parts were conceived in ways that will blow your mind. For some were conceived of vessels and some were conceived of light. Some were conceived from the merging of the planets and some were conceived of the earth. And so this is the part that you will most likely understand my dear, for the earth is just one part of a whole part, of a very big whole. The wholeness of the love that was created at the merging, the connection and the explosion of the four winds.

And so who are these four winds I hear you ask? And so my dear in your terms you would classify these four winds as the hearts and the minds, the bodies and the Souls of the human. But in reality the four winds were of the nothingness that was nothing and were nothing until by chance one day, they met, they collided and they became as one. Just as it is with humans and just as it is with all the beings on your planet and beyond.

For each and everyone of you and each and everyone of them is made up from the wholeness that came from the joining of those four parts.

And do you see my dear, that as you humans are made up of these four winds, these four parts, then so too is everyone and everything on your planet. And not only that but every planet and each and every being on their planets. We are of the whole, they are of the whole, the planets are of the whole and the only difference is, is in the way we experience the whole.

And that my dear is a great lesson for your humanity because you are always judging and you are always minding and mithering about who is who and what is what and who has what and who has not what.

And the lesson is that each and everyone of you has it all and is the all – the all and everything of the all. 

And therefore it is not a surprise that life can get confusing sometimes and that in each and everyone’s desperation to scramble back to that first place of wholeness, that first place of love, and to experience that sense of the explosion of love, you can find yourself scrambling over others to get there, not realising you are actually scrambling and treading on yourself.

And so my dear that is the story of the Universe and a very small story at that for this story is written for you from the human perspective and as it is written and experienced on other planets and by other beings the details will be very much the same and yet different.

Because just as you are all the same, you are all very different. And just as a planet is a planet made up from the four forces of the Universe, so it is that they too are different. And as it is that each and everyone of you bring something different and unique to the table, so too does each and every planet and each and every being and force on these planets.”


To be continued next week…

Week three

“And you can see the planets merging and changing as they swap information and from your earthly point of view they are doing this for you and it is most certainly having an effect on you, for you all feel that you are the centre of your own Universes.

And yet do you see that the merging and the moving of the planets will have similar or different effects on the evolution and the beings of those other planets – some of whom still think and some of whom are more advanced than to think that they are the centre of the Universe. With the truth of course being that you are all at the centre of the Universe because you are the Universe.

You are the four pieces of the puzzle that were conceived and created as the universe you now know and the Universe that you don’t yet know.

And so my dear how does this story sit with you? I am ready to move on as I know you are waiting for me to get to the crux of the story. The story that is involving you and me and the story that on your own planet earth has played out for so long. The story of the birth of the Mother itself, the Mother Earth.

As with all the planets, the earth was the one that was created from the part of the whole that held this consciousness of love at its highest form. There is no reason for this as such, it is just how it was decided.

And so many, many beings wished to choose to be a part of this consciousness and be a part of this earth and indeed many beings often travelled there or lived there and even chose to remain there, mixing with the other beings from that planet.

And some of these were creatures and some of these were simply energy and all they had in common was the breath of life that came from the I am of the I am, the God consciousness, the love of the four winds of consciousness.

And yet they lived in peace and they explored the land and the explored each other and they also too explored the skies and the stars and they travelled between them as they so wished. For they all knew that they were of the Universe and not only of the planet Earth.

And as they zipped around the cosmos as and when they pleased, the knowledge they shared and the knowledge they gained from around the Cosmos helped to continually grow and expand the very nature of the Cosmos and indeed the very nature of the I am presence – the whole.

And so these days went by and love filled the land as this knowledge was exchanged and shared, given and received by all of those who happened across it. This was not a time of secrets, it was a time of love.

It was a time of expansion and harmony and as this knowledge was shared and as this love was shared and as this information became more and more closer to the light of knowledge, the light of truth, the light of Source and the light of the four winds of consciousness in order for these parts and this part of the universe to once again converge and rejoin the wholeness and oneness of the God consciousness as you call it.

Then the earth itself exploded in an abundance of this love and beauty in the form of flowers and more and varying creatures each one yet again a part of the all encompassing whole.

And this was a time of great beauty and this was a time of great flourishing for the earth and for its people and its beings of light who had settled there and its creatures. And the earth was so close to the heart of God and to returning to the heart of God as a whole that for some this was too much to bare.

They could not bare the light of the Earth and they could not stomach the intensity and the light of the Earth. For they had not experienced the birth of the earth, they were the newcomers and the explorers and the ones setting out on their own adventures of the planets, only to find that once they reached earth they felt themselves wanting. They felt themselves disgruntled and they felt themselves that they had missed out and been cheated of the opportunity of growing up on this planet.

And so their mission was to take a hold of your planet and to take a hold of the love that they themselves couldn’t bare.  And they all wished to have and to take what they wanted from earth and carry it back to their own planets.

And they didn’t get that there was nothing to take for it was all given. And everything they ever wanted was here for them to share and be shared. And yet this is not what happened and so our tale begins.

For as these beings began to integrate and to ingratiate themselves into the lives of the Planet Earth and all its beings, they began to shift and move the energy from one of abundance and one of love, to one of fear and one of lack.

Slowly, slowly ever so slowly the weak and the vulnerable were convinced of their unworthiness, convinced of their role as the lame and the sick and the unwanted and tolerated and yet not as loved as the loved ones up on high for all to see. And so it was that eventually the tables were turned and the balance was shifted from one of love and compassion, one of sharing of the knowledge that was held in and of the earth to one of the corruption of the earth.”


To be continued next week….

Week 4

“And so earth fell and the love fell and the knowledge fell into the deepest, darkest heart of itself in order to keep itself safe.

And so as we see ourselves reflected in the earth, the heart of the knowledge, the heart of the wisdom, the heart of the power, which is of course the power of Divine Love, is kept held within and locked away in the beautiful consciousness and heart of Mother Earth herself.

For the wounds here are deep and you could say that this was the Original Wound of the Mother. The wound that came when her giving and her trust, her openness and her heart were literally on show for all to receive in offer for the greater good of the expansion of the Whole universe, the whole, the all and everything of the all and everything of which she, Mother Earth, was a part.

A part that contained and held and gave so much love, it was so very close to once again joining with the Whole from which she had come. And yet she suffered for her openness, she suffered for her light shining so brightly attracting all and everyone to it. She suffered for her abundance and her creations and her life giving force and she suffered for standing out as the one who was closest to God out of all the planets.

For what those planets, or at least many beings from those planets didn’t realise, was that they too were equally as close to God but as a part of the ‘whole’ of God that was experiencing this wholeness in their own unique way.

Never above or below, never more right or wrong and never more closer or further apart, but simply different. A different whole of the whole but still a ‘whole’ part, a holy part of the grand I AM.

And as I can see you thinking my dear, yes you can see how this story has played out in your world many, many, many times. As if the earth is calling you, beckoning you to remember the love that once shone here and so brightly it was considered the heart of the Cosmos. And you can see it in your readings and you can see it in your teachings.

And so when you were wondering ‘where on earth’ I was going with this story and what it had to do with your story, do you see my dear, that it is indeed the all and everything of your story. Because if the all and everything of the Whole is the all and everything of the planets, and the all and everything of the planets is the all and everything of the beings and creative life forces on those planets, then you are all indeed the planets playing the parts of that whole. And these planets are playing the parts of the ‘Whole’ of all that is.

And so as your planets, do you see which of your human stories have been playing out this original story? This ‘Original Wound’ of the Mother. And that Mother being Mother Earth? And if all of your stories and all of your legends are merely whole parts, of a whole part of the greater whole, then can you see how if each whole part heals the wounds of the mother of the mother of the mother and of all mothers it will eventually be that the very great Earth Mother, the Mother of all earth mothers, will be able to rise once again?

Be able to shine, be able to love, be able to create and be able to be ‘with God’. Be able and free to share once again her secrets and her knowledge and once again become the life force of the Universe of all Universes.

And so you see how great your work is? And you see how great and magnificent the work is of all of you lightworkers who have chosen to come to earth, or rise up from the earth once again in order to show the earth that it is indeed time for her to reveal her full and whole self to the Cosmos once again.

For just as you know and very many women on your planet know, there is so much more depth to their being then they currently show and there is so much more wisdom, more love, more nurturing, abundance and creativity that lies within them – just as it is at the heart of our Mother of all mothers – our Mother Earth.

And so we will begin to unpick the stories of your lands for which this story has played out over Millennia.

Channeled by  Debra Kilby from spirit baby guide and mentor Rosa

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Much love



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