Healing and Channelling

Message from the baby spirit world. Encouraging their future parents to self-awareness and healing

Message from the spirit baby world; encouraging their parents and future parents to self-awareness and healing.

Below, is an extract from my book – Rosa’s Choice – healing the wounds of the mother. Insights from the spirit baby world. (ps – I’m looking for a publisher! 🙂

Me:Eight years ago, I never imagined I would be writing a book, let alone what the content of this book would be. And never in a million years imagine that part of this book would be written by my spirit baby and mentor in spirit Rosa.

(and then Rosa came in and the rest is her)

“But here is where we start and here is where end, for there really is no end or no beginning of this story. It is just the moment I have chosen to open with and allow access in to the realm of spirit and the true life pictures our babies hold us with and gift us with.

So listen well all of you women of light, who are drawn to this book, for in it lies the answers to the Universe, and you are all the key.

There comes a time in our lives when a choice has to be made. A choice of love and a choice of truth. We cannot live in the darkness for too much longer or the darkness will overwhelm each and everyone of us. It is time for the light, and the light is spreading far and wide.

Do not fear if you are chosen for this path, for it is one you have already chosen many lifetimes ago. And whether that be as a mum, or a grandmother, a sister, an aunty or a cherished friend, or one who serves and supports these women in the highest of ways, this book will reach into your heart and soul and you will know your path in this New Earth.

For I am Rosa. And I am here to spread the light. And with your help we can do so.

So do not fret if your baby has not yet appeared, do not fret if you feel your baby has disappeared from view, because they are all here. They are all here and waiting for you to accept their mission as carriers of light into the wombs of women who are the holders of light. Are you one?

If you are reading this you surely are. If you are doubting your ability to do this, then do not doubt for we are all here by your side. It is this doubt and fear and lack that keeps us from coming to you for the circumstances of our birth must be of the light and of a moment where our circumstances allow us to enter, knowing our own missions are fully supported and upheld by the ones we choose.

So clear your doubt, and clear your fear and clear your unworthiness for we are here and we are coming when you do so, our very special women of the light who have led the way.

There is no time for us to come into darkness and work through it, many of us have already been there and done that and now we only wish to shed light from the very beginning.

And for that we need our special souls on earth to pave the way so the path is clear and we are not help up by judgement or self-loathing or impossibility. For everything is possible and everything is very much real.

Find your path and find yourself and you will find us. And don’t distress if this seems like a huge task, for it is not, not in the bigger sense of the world. For all your heartaches and lessons have brought you to this place and the light is coming to help you realise this and shed light on your experiences so you can step into your role as mothers of the New Earth.

Do not be daunted by your task for all will be made clear to you on connection with your baby soul. They are ready and waiting for you in masses that have yet to be seen in the world.

My channel is practicing and keeps being overwhelmed by the thought of Mother Mary and proclaiming to the world that we are all Mother Mary’s. But this is indeed what you all are. All of you with this mission.

It is not that you will be giving birth to Jesus Christ, you will be giving birth to your own Soul on a much higher level, that is cleansed and cleared of all past lives, of all layers that may hold them back from being love and bringing joy to the world in its purest forms.

The Mother Marys in you are essentially the carriers of these special souls. Those of you who have learnt your own lessons, have cleared your own disbeliefs and are ready to welcome in the Souls of Light that will change the world.

It really is no biggie – they are still your babies and they will still need all the love and care and bring with them all the frustration and heartache that babies will bring. The difference is they have chosen you to hold them and guide them in their own specialness. Understand deeply where they have come from and why they are here so you can serve their best interests and allow them fully to embrace the changes they are here to bring.

Much is wrong with your world and how you see children. How you stifle their Souls to fit in with what is. These new Souls will not be stifled, nor will they adhere to the rules your society has set.

So in every other way they are the same as all baby souls, the difference is they will awaken the world with their light as you, as their chosen ones, allow their light to shine and in the most fullest and brightest of ways.

They are here  – are you?

And so if you are ready then read on, read on these words of wisdom from the other realms and get a true picture of your world and ours. There is nothing to fear for there is only love. And you are being asked, being called upon to let this love in once and for all.

You bravest and kindest Souls, you women of the world. It is time to rise,  and rise you will for that is the way it is meant to be. No more the darkness that took this power from you, no more is the mindset that love is weakness and hope a pointless exercise.

No more the woes and the battles and the greed and the power and all the distortions this brings. It is time for women, it Is time for the sacred feminine and your men are part of this; the real men that see the power of women and embrace it and not diminish it through their own lens of fear.

There are many parents that the world seeks today for it is time and it is coming and it is written in the stars. Rise dear women and allow the power you feel inside to bubble up to the surface and shine.

Shine so brightly it will change the outlook of the world and all its people. Be ready, be willing, be open for all is coming and all is possible. And so it is.”


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With love



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