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Message from the baby spirit world. The spiritual truth behind egg donation – changing perceptions of life before life

Message from the spirit baby world. The spiritual truth behind egg donation; changing perceptions of life before life.

A message from the spirit baby realm [channelled by Debra Kilby]

My question: Why do some babies choose to arrive through egg donation?

“When is a Soul not a Soul? When is a Soul ever what a Soul is, and when is a Soul ever what a Soul is not.

For do you see, a Soul is a Soul no matter the form or the body it comes in. And so do you see sometimes a Soul wishes to come in to a particular form and yet often this form is not able to be provided by its chosen parents. And therefore the Soul then has a choice – re-choose it’s parents, or choose again the body it would like to experience within its chosen parents.

And so do you see that it makes no matter, what matter (body) the Soul arrives in from its perspective, for what it is choosing as a Soul is to experience life with a particular physicality and a physicality that may not be a physicality provided for by its parents. And so either its parents have to change or the path is set for the right egg and the right physicality to be placed within the parents.

And so it is not a curse at all that some of your women are having to go down this route of what can be seen as a last resort, when in fact the baby soul is so keen and so set and so in love with it’s chosen parents that it is prepared to move with the machinations of the Universe in order to not only remain with this choice in their parents because of a love so strong nothing will change their minds about it, whilst also receiving their wish to experience whatever it is the genes and the make-up of the body is that they desire.

And yet we know that this is not an easy choice for the women and indeed not even the men for there is a certain sense of ownership that comes when we become pregnant with our baby child. And we may find it difficult to let go of that ownership, that sense that something is yours and yours alone and you made and you created it and you have this baby soul all to yourself as yours and no one else’s.

And so perhaps the agreement between this baby Soul and its parents is to exactly help the parents with this sense of ownership and learn this lesson, albeit a difficult one. That you cannot own a Soul and you cannot own a life and you cannot make or create a Soul for the Soul is already whole.

As you become a parent, that which you are doing is merely birthing this Soul into this life. You cannot own it, for it is not to be owned, it can only be owned by itself and for itself. And in that ownership it has chosen for you to be the vessel, the creator, the womb, of the physical body, whether that is the physical body of your own physical body, or not.

So please take heart our beautiful women of light who here come across this particular Soul’s choice. Know that you are indeed of the highest vibration if you are able to take on and accept this concept of a free flowing Universe in which nothing and no one can be owned, and that even if this Soul is not of your ‘own’ physical body, it is your Soul they have chosen to be birthed in and by and too.

For the love these baby souls have for you knows no bounds and are limitless in their choices and yet they have chosen you. They have chosen you because of the love they have for you. They have chosen you because of the history they have with you. They have chosen you, because you are you. And they wish for you to love you, just as they love you. With no ownership of mind, body or Soul, only a simple knowing that it is you who are to be together again in this lifetime.”

And so it is.



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