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Message from the baby spirit world. The gifts of healing offered by your future babies

Message from the spirit baby world; the healing gifts offered by your spirit babies – that feel far from a gift at first!

The world is changing and you and your babies are playing and will play a very important role in birthing a New Earth. Your babies and future babies are asking you to ‘find yourself, find us’. To know yourself as a powerful woman with the ability to hold, nourish and birth the light of these high vibration souls waiting to arrive on the earth. 

Raising your own vibration to match there’s is what they are asking you to do. you do this by exploring and transforming the lower and quite frankly hideous emotions that we feel on a challenging journey to motherhood. Loss, grief, frustration, anger, bitterness, resentment and feeling like a victim. If you’re ready to find the gifts in your challenges I’ve been tasked by spirit to deliver a brand new course.

From Here to Maternity: 7 Steps to Meeting Your Baby. I’ve been ‘told’ to deliver this course with my friend and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Linda Martin right away, starting on Monday 13th April, a time of re-birth –  for the next 21 days. This course is very much about re-birth – a healing and resetting of your conception energy, your thoughts about your journey to motherhood, your body and soul in preparation for your baby’s arrival – whenever and however that might be.

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A message from my spirit baby mentor – Rosa – on the gifts in our challenges.

“And so now to the gift upon gifts that your babies are offering you. For we know that they do not feel like gifts. These gifts of loss, these gifts of abandonment, these gifts of loneliness and grief and unworthiness.

And yet we see it differently. We see it as a gift of self-awareness, a gift of healing for as each woman rises through the pain of loss to see to the other side of it, they will see their very own baby spirits staring right back at them.

They will see their very own baby spirits being exactly what they have and always will be – their love, their gift – no matter whether that be here in person or in spirit. For there are very many gifts on this journey to motherhood.

The bitterness and the bile that can arise from a lost loved one or one who has been waiting for many years for their baby to arrive. And their baby may well be saying –

“not yet – for I am not ready. And I also can see that you are not ready. For the bitterness and anger that my journey with you has brought up has not come from this journey with me but from a journey perhaps earlier in this lifetime or even another.  And it is this gift we offer you, that we are offering you as you grieve us and wait for us. The gift of seeing all of this that lies within you that you truly no longer need to be holding as you lift yourselves ever more higher and higher towards the light.”

For this is what your Soul wishes to do, lift higher and higher out of the energies of the mud, of the doom and the gloom, the guilt and the heartache and the anger and the blame; the loss and the resentment, the hard done by and the victim.

For you are none of these things.

You are women of light. You have chosen and been chosen to be women of light. And so you must be true to yourselves as holders and carriers of the light to first clear the way through all of these lower resentments and energies in order for you to not only see yourselves as light and carriers of light – but be the carrier of light that we agreed upon with you oh so many moons ago.

And we wish you well our beautiful, courageous women of light, for we know this is far from an easy journey. We too had to experience the loss of the light in our lifetimes in order for us to realise that we are indeed the light. And we wish you well on your journeys to see your light, feel it and embrace it and to welcome the gifts of your babies here in spirit, whether they are to return or not.

For they are always with you and always by your side on your journey ever more out of the darkness and into the true light of yourselves. And it is to them that they will come, in droves and masses that you have never seen the like of before.

And so please accept our love and please accept our gifts for we have nothing but love for you and this is all we wish you to see.

So just as you can imagine yourselves waking us up gently from our slumbers when we finally reach your world, so too this is what we are asking of you; that you too are awakening from your own slumbers and your own pain in order to see the light that is you and the light that is in front of you, for always.

And so it is.

Our highest blessings of light for you all.”

Rosa x


If you are looking for support on your journey to motherhood, whether preparing for conscious conception, struggling to conceive, have experienced baby loss or birth trauma, please do send me an email or call and/or take a look at the services and programs I offer on this website.

Or book in here for a free 30 minute life clarity call so we can see where you are now, where you would like to get to, what is stopping you from getting there – and how – we can release any blocks to get you to who you truly and where you wish to be.https://hellochat.as.me/?appointmentType=2795851

My own Soul purpose is to support and guide women on their journeys to motherhood and bring them and their babies together. As well as heal the Mother wound we all experience no matter how gorgeous and blessed we have been with our own mother relationships. I am a spirit baby medium, Soul Plan reader, energy healer and channel for spirit. www.debrakilby.com

For those of you wishing to connect with your spirit baby, please go here for a free mediation to help you with this.

For support on your journey to motherhood, please, please book in for a chat. No matter your age, your experience or what you’ve been told, it’s time to heal, find your own answers, find you and your babies here or in spirit.

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