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Walking with the Magdalene – Red Tent Healing Day. Ascension

Step into your next level of Ascension during a unique day among the pyramids and labyrinths on the sacred site of Ard na Ri, Clonmacnoise, Co. Offaly, in the heart of Ireland on Saturday April 27th.

This extraordinary day is for women who wish to further integrate the frequencies of the higher dimensions by re-connecting to those Soul aspects you are now ready to receive and integrate, bringing more of ‘you’ down to earth. To enable you to play your role in bringing heaven down to earth.

Journey with us into the energy of the 5th and 7th dimensions as we walk and sit in reflection on the pure and sacred land of this site, through pyramids and labyrinths which are created using sacred geometry.

An octahedron, dodecahedron, healing flora and fauna, sacred trees including the heart opening Hawthorn, the fertile and balancing Willow, and the symbolic Sycamore which in ancient Egypt represented the Tree of Life.

We invite you to share this day of personal meaning, healing, discovery and transformation with us, which we ourselves have experienced from Walking with the Magdalene.

Every level of consciousness and every realm of energy frequencies are represented on this one site, and here you will experience the highest and purest vibration of energy available as you traverse the land.

Here, among the labyrinths and pyramids attuned to the 3rd, 5th and 7th levels of consciousness, you will be held by the Energy of the Magdalene as you walk gently through the ancient wounds of the Mother created by the imbalance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, towards – and into – your healing and knowing of yourself as the Divine Child.

Please know that this is a distinct and remarkable experience, the first if its kind that we know of, and you will instinctively know if you are called to share it with us.

This beautiful location has formerly hosted workshops by Caroline Myss, and Neale Donald Walsh amongst others, and it is time for it to rise once more as the sacred site it is. A meeting point of ley lines that draws up the ancient energy of Lemuria from deep within the earth, galactic energies, Egyptian Energies, the Elemental Kingdom, Merpeople, Celtic and Fairy Folk, and other Keepers of The Light including Padre Pio, Isis, Mary Magdalene and Jesus.

It is almost impossible to describe the energies held here, and having been guided to this site, our own guidance is that during your day here you will receive information or aspects of your Soul Energy that you are now ready to receive.

Each woman will receive exactly what she needs at the current stage of her journey. There is nothing for you to do other than simply show up and stay open to the experience.

And now the practical bit!
Please bring a yoga mat/sleeping bag/blanket, socks and pillow for lying on, wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes, (bring a light raincoat just in case!) and any personal items such as crystals, cards etc that you would like to have with you in the Energy to recharge, cleanse and align.

Tea, coffee, water and a light lunch of wraps and salad is provided on the day. If you have any special food requirements please bring this with you.

If this healing day is calling you, please book here:


contact myself or my fellow co-hosts to book and discuss a payment plan:
Hilary 087 6381896
Margaret 087 2816784
Debra 0044 7522 464586 (UK)

Or send myself Hilary Morgan or Margaret Cross a PM for more details.

£144 or 167 Euro. Payment plan available.

If you wish to experience working with me on a one to one basis or receive guidance from spirit on a particular situation please send me a PM and/or take a look at the services and programs I offer on this website.




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Copyright Debra Kilby © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
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