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Message from the baby spirit world. Sacred conception – the transition from spirit baby to earth baby

When I talk about sacred conception, of course all conception is sacred, but have you ever wondered what is happening beyond the physical conception? 

What we do know is that babies on the whole, although not all, choose their parents. And anyone who comes across my website or Facebook page is likely also aware that your baby, or now child, and the new Souls waiting to arrive, are of the purest, most beautiful light energy.

These babies are here to bring about a New Earth and a new way of being. 

They are choosing and asking their parents and parents to be to become more self-aware, to know themselves as more than a physical being but as a spiritual being living a physical existence for now with a unique life purpose. And by doing so, they will be able to better guide and support these beautiful souls in their own mission.

And this may not seem related but the message that came through from Rosa explained a certain aspect of miscarriage, that also gave an insight into these Souls and their journey from the baby spirit world to here. So whether you have a child, are pregnant, have lost a baby, or waiting for one, the below message I hope will bring you some comfort and insight that your babies really do have their own journeys and choices and their love for you is limitless and beyond the physical.

Rosa’s message:
“And so my little one let us begin with the art of loss, for loss is an art to be practiced and experienced and journeyed through.

And our babies can offer us this opportunity to experience loss and journey through the darkness that it brings in order to bring us to the other side of the light and the knowing and the feeling that your babies are indeed still with you and therefore you have learnt and understood the beautiful lesson that is no one ever truly dies and you are always connected to them and to the light.

For the baby spirits that are coming through to you now are the ones that are of the light and the ones who are also closest to the earth and closest to their transition time as they move and shift their own vibrations to a deeper resonance of the world you live in order to prepare for this transition.

And so maybe you would like to know how this transition occurs and then this may perhaps alleviate some of the questions and concerns of all your mums to be and of all grandmothers and sisters and friends of these mums, who too are waiting to take up their role as guardians of these little Souls who are showing their bravery and courage in coming into the world at this time in order to heal themselves and the world of all the past angsts and wars and worries that have been experienced there.

For those little Souls are truly brave and special and have a much higher light and therefore takes them that bit longer to dull their light if you like, in order to weigh themselves down and become used to the ways of the world and the density they can so often feel.

And so they often need to practice this density feeling and that may mean popping in and out of their bodies until they can adjust and feel comfortable with the physical weight of a body.

And then they must also find or wait for their chosen parents to also lift their vibration in order that they are a vibrational match on this planet as well as in spirit.

And so do you see how important it is for your mums and also your dads to be prepared for this shift in energy too? That they feel able to hold this amount of light in their bodies and in their life? And so they must turn to making space in their bodies by releasing all that no longer serves them and closing off the space between the energy of their babies and the energy in this world.

And so once our babies of light here have practised for some time living and not living in the density of your world, there comes a time when they are ready to move and shift their vibration in such a way that their body becomes a form in which they are comfortable being housed in for the duration of their life on this planet.”


Truly incredible how we get here.

If you are looking for support on your journey to motherhood, whether preparing for conscious conception, struggling to conceive, have experienced baby loss or birth trauma, please reach out to me to help you connect with your baby or future baby, gain a deeper understanding and clarity of your what and your why, and transform how you feel about yourself and what’s happened so far so you can take your next steps with more confidence and a lighter heart. 

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With so much love



My own Soul purpose is to support and guide women on their journeys to motherhood and bring them and their babies together. As well as heal the Mother wound we all experience no matter how gorgeous and blessed we have been with our own mother relationships. I am a spirit baby medium, Soul Plan reader, energy healer and channel for spirit. www.debrakilby.com



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