Healing and Channelling

Wednesday Worldly Wisdom message from spirit – the rise of the truth, the rise of you

“These words are of love and forgiveness; forgiveness of self, for it is only when we forgive ourselves that our true light can shine. And shine they must for there is much to do in this world to heal, to lift and to rise out of the depths in which it has become enmeshed.

Notice the hurricanes and the vortex of pain that are currently being released and take this as a sign to release your own vortices of inner anguish, not onto others, but out to God, who is waiting to receive all your pain and help you to let go and transmute the anguish from centuries past that you each hold in your hearts.

So do this with joy and feel the lightness, feel the freshness and feel the space that this brings to your inner being as you release and let go. Be like the earth and do not be afraid to release and let go of all the pain and all of the turmoil that lies beneath, for it is not only the earth that is going through a transformation but each and every one of you.

And it is to this transformation that you must now turn in order to keep up with the changes that are taking place on your planet. Feel the whisper of the trees and centre yourself within this power and within this knowingness that God has all of your best interests at heart and releasing the pain and turmoil is part of this process for us all.

If you are wishing to turn to the light, then the light is here for all, the light has always been here for you. It’s just that it has been hidden from view for many of you who have been blinded by the darkness that has reigned over your planet for many millennia.

Will you turn to the light? Will you see the goodness that resides within all, even when it is difficult to see? So light up your torches and fire up your batteries and see that the light is there and resides within.

It is as a collective that we rise and as a collective that we fall so turn to your neighbours, and turn to your friends and turn to your nemeses and offer them the light, help them to see that all is well once the light is shining within.

No more dampened down by the spirits of days gone by and your exploration into humanness; no more whittled down by the pressure of your leaders and you succumbing to their will, for now it is time for you to think for yourselves, know yourselves as the true powerful beings that you are.

That need no leaders except the leaders of the light. See it, feel it, know it to be your own truth and not the truth of others that seek to destroy the light within and instead grow away from the fear of being small, being disconnected, being nothing.

For when you feel you are nothing, the darkness can set it and it is even harder to see the light. But it is there, it is always there and you must choose to see it, in order for the shadows of darkness to clear. And for all humans to know that they are more than the nothing that has so often been taught but in fact are indeed the everything of all that is.

How does this feel, knowing you are all and everything? That everything that has happened can be let go of and released and for you to know that you are a part of everything. A beautiful part, a loving part and a loved part that makes up the whole.

You are on a planet, spinning through space, can you not see that you are amazing? That you are destined for amazing things and honoured in everything you do, no matter whether that is deemed right or wrong in the eyes of some?

So be on this planet, feel part of this planet and sense the enormity of who you are on it and your mission in this life. Your mission to bring the light to earth and all who reside on her, for we are waiting for fireworks and celebrations and rituals of joy as you all come to this realisation, that life is not all it seems and there is a far greater task ahead of us all.

Feel the excitement within you as you know this and allow your life to fall into place with this greater mission in your hearts and minds. The mission of joy and love and understanding and a new world, a new earth will be born, and is doing so right now.

We are watching, we are waiting, we are with you, we are you, and together thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

With love.”

Channelled by Debra Kilby from her spirit guide Rosa

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With so much love



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