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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom message from spirit – Connection – what is connection? What does it mean to feel connected?

“Connection, what is connection? What does it mean to be connected? To be connected is all and everything. To be connected is to feel safer to feel loved, to feel protected, to feel at one, with oneself and the Universe.

Without this connection you feel nothing, see nothing, believe you are nothing. And this nothingness could not be further from the truth. For you are all indeed, all and everything.

Is it time to find your connection? Your oneness, your uniqueness within this plan that will not only help you to connect with your own life but that of others. Connection is who you are, it is simply that you have been trained to believe in disconnection.

To cut yourself off from the world, from the earth, from each other, from yourselves and from Me, for fear of judgement and blame and shame. But this is not the case, for you all know when you feel connected, either to yourself or to another, and you also know how good this feels.

And it feels good because it is indeed the truth of who you are. So no longer disconnect from your emotions and no longer disconnect from this plan that you have, that we all have, to bring about a new way of doing things, a new way of showing up in the world, a new way to be, for there really is no other way to find the peace and the joy that lies within and not the turmoil and strife that can so often come from being disconnected.

So join me now, and join others in believing in yourself, believing in humanity, believing in God, or the Universe or the Source, I care not how you see it, I only care that you do see it in one form or another, for in seeing it, you will truly see yourself. And see yourself as part of it.

And once this connection is made, you will never be the same again. And perhaps this is why you choose to disconnect, choose to not see, or hear or feel a greater way, a bigger way, a different way and this is your choice and yours alone.

For I am always waiting for my children to find themselves and when they do, all they will receive is love, no matter the circumstances that brought them here.

And so think on this. Is this life for you or against you? And if it is against you, can you imagine why there is a reason this would be so? Can you imagine a reason why you would not be accepted, loved, adored as the very special and unique Soul that you are?

Are you convinced of this? Or are you merely in fear of what this may mean – the crumbling of patterns and beliefs that have kept you safe, safe in the knowledge that you can control, you can protect, you can blame and you can judge and you can scorn the world and all those in it because it is not bringing you what you want?

Is it the disconnect that can allow you the freedom of these things because therefore they are nothing to do with you and therefore they are apart from you and indeed not ‘a part’ of you?

Is it time to take a look at how life would be if indeed and instead you were able to find that connection with yourself? Would you not heal these old wounds? Would you not be able to find more acceptance for the ways of the world as we all are merely trying to find our way back to ourselves, back to connection.

And so think on this. If your answer is still to remain on the outside, the edge, the periphery of yourself then so be it. But then you cannot blame anyone else for what befalls you because each and everyone is only doing the best they can for themselves, to find the best of who they are within this great life.

And each and everyone of you has choice as to how you go about doing that. So do not blame anyone, least of all yourself, for you too are doing the best you can to be the best you can and so it is that one day you may turn to yourself and find your answers.

And so it is. With love and blessings in your journey of life.”

Channelled by Debra Kilby from Source

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