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Divine Mother Meditation Circle online – Temple of Isis Activation

Divine Mother Meditation circle online

A sacred circle for all women to align with and receive the teaching of life and magic with Goddess Isis and the Divine Mothers. A space to enjoy deep healing of the Ancient Divine Feminine and precious time for you to heal the wounds of the Mother and activate your own Divine Mother energy within to lighten yourself and share with others.

Divine Mother Meditations; the Temple of Isis, is a membership circle inviting all women to heal the deep wounds of the Divine Feminine, the wounds of the Mother.  Twice a month you step into the Temple of Isis to experience and receive healing through powerful channelled meditations with the Divine Mothers. Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Gaia, Kali, Lakshmi, Lileth and the Grandmothers are some of the powerfully loving beings you will meet and align with through their powerful, healing meditation journeys.

Betrayal, sacrifice, shame and unworthiness,  are some of the many ancient conditioned patterns and beliefs that have followed us down the ancestral line because of the trauma created by an imbalance of the feminine and masculine energies. You are part of restoring the balance from a system of competition to one of compassion; from separation towards unity, fear into love. Mother Earth is rising, in this circle, Goddess Isis leads us to remember the power, beauty and truth of who you are,  A goddess, a priestess, a witch, a woman with the ability and right to create and be as she wishes without fear, together, we rise.

What’s most important about this circle is connecting you back to yourself. Connecting you with your very essence. In this space you can allow yourself to be held by the Mother energy, with no need to do anything other than be.  To relax and receive, in the unconditional love of the Mother.

This is not a busy space of exchange, this is a time for you to simply stop and receive, a space for you and you alone. Everyone is equally supported by the energy and myself and there is no need or pressure to do anything other than show up for yourself every other week, relax, receive and be held.

You give, simply by bringing your energy to the circle.

Imagine being in a space where you are held in love, able to take that time for yourself twice a month and further deepen your connection to yourself and the Divine Mother energy within. To learn the truth of you, feel the fierce love, passion and potential of you. Understand and heal the relationship with yourself, your own mother and all mothers down the line to Mother Earth herself.

Members in the group have shared the following experiences: “Thank you Debra, looking for the words to describe the meditation.. but there are none! A simply beautiful divine experience. My heart is filled with love and my soul is shining the light of the Divine Mother. Enormous gratitude to you, for channeling such beauty and peace.”

“That was old old!!! The power!”

“Absolutely amazing. Wow, amazing, I have no other words.”

“Just listened for the second time as I fell asleep the first time. So incredibly powerful. I don’t even have words.”

There are no words and no need for them in this group. This is you allowing yourself to experience energy healing and teaching at a high level.

The membership is currently priced at £7.99 per month and is rising to £11.99 on 28th February. To join the temple click this link here and then request to join the group at this link here. 

If you have any questions please do send me a message or an email to debrakilbyhealing@gmail.com

Much love

Debra xxx




And if you wish to join our sacred community of mums and mums in waiting then you are most welcome to join us here and receive a meditation – connecting with your baby or future baby in spirit. https://forms.aweber.com/form/94/1449164894.htm With so much love Debra x

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