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Magical Monday – today – today transforming beliefs around receiving golden grace – the soft touch of the Universal Mother

Magical Monday – today transforming beliefs around receiving golden grace – the soft touch of the Universal Mother. Just say yes to receiving the energy of the beliefs below to allow more grace, ease and flow, beauty and abundance into your life.

I love this card has come up for this week as on Sunday 23rd June I open my Divine Mother Meditation circle, such confirmation that it’s time for me to step into this and for all of us to experience and activate and live in the Divine Mother energy of unconditional love. (see at the end for more details) I’ve also read an article on the Solstice coming on 21st June that falls is on the first day of Cancer (North Node), the sign of Universal Mother, feminine nurturing, leading with the heart.

So of course this beautiful card jumped out. Even the word grace feels soft and loving and full of blessings. Divine Mother Lakshmi who brings blessings of enlightenment and prosperity, beauty and good fortune.

If you have felt in your heart that better times are ahead, even though you can’t figure out why or what that might look like, this card brings you confirmation. Even if you haven’t felt the touch of her golden grace in your life – you will do. Ushering in a time of love, prosperity and peace.

Sometimes, in fact most of the time, it seems that it is our challenges and harder paths that we grow and learn from – which certainly don’t feel like a blessing at the time but at some point, when you’re ready, you begin to notice the healing and strength they have brought you. However, this card is gifting you a much softer touch.

It’s time to know that by you receiving no one else goes without. That you are worthy. That life can open up with gratitude, ease and flow and not drama and struggle.

You are worthy and there are no limits. And actually, as you receive, you will be empowered to share her vibrant grace with others.

If you would like to receive the energy of the following beliefs to bring grace into your life just say yes and allow the energy to flow within you.

– I know what it feels like to open my heart, mind and soul to the generosity of Divine golden grace.
– I know how to release any guilt, shame, fear or doubt about receiving
– I know what it feels like to be worthy to receive and I am open to receiving
– I am open to receiving and sharing the gifts of grace
– I am open to the unlimited flow of golden grace 
– I know how it feels to live without struggle or the need for struggle
– I know what it feels like to be held by the Divine Mother
– I know what it feels like to activate and live in the energy of the Divine Mother

That I know how to, I allow myself to, I deserve to, I am safe doing so and I live my daily life with this, with grace and ease now.

And so it is.

Happy Divine Monday blessings!

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Much love


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