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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom message from spirit baby realm- why do babies choose not to stay? Miscarriage, termination, baby loss

If you have experienced baby loss, in all its forms, including miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, still birth and termination and would like to spend a very special evening with fellow women, receiving healing, insight and connection to yourself and your spirit baby, I am running a healing evening is for all women on 5th June 2020. Take a look here.

If you feel there’s a bigger reason behind your heartbreak, i

Never in a million years could I have imagined where my experience and loss of my baby Rosa in 2010 would lead me. And this is why, no matter what is going on for you, it’s important to hold on and trust there is a bigger picture unfolding.

Rosa is not only my baby in spirit, but my mentor and spiritual partner in love, helping mums and mums in waiting to connect with their babies and future babies.

I am a channel for spirit and Rosa has a very specific message to share, which we are currently turning into a book to help women understand their journeys to motherhood on a much deeper level.

If you have any questions about journeys to motherhood that you would like to ask – please do reach out and maybe they will form part of this book.

If you would like to spend a beautiful evening held in a warm and powerful space created for you by 3 Master Healers to receive healing, insight and connection to your baby/s in spirit after loss, I am holding a very special event (link here) with 2 fellow gifted healers. This healing evening is for all women who have experienced baby loss in all its forms, including miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, still birth and termination.

If you feel there’s a bigger reason behind your heartbreak, if you’ve been asking yourself why did this happen, or creating extra suffering by questioning yourself over and over as to what you did or didn’t do, the what ifs – then please join us and allow yourself to find clarity, receive healing and a way of understanding your experience which is outside the conditioning of your mind. Allow yourself to ease any suffering and find a deeper healing and insight, together with your baby.

Below is just one of the messages my spirit baby Rosa has shared. What does your baby wish to share with you?

Why do some babies choose not to stay?


“Some babies are merely here for a short experience to know what it feels like to be in body and connect with their Soul parents. They may only need a few short weeks to realise their potential on this earth and they may decide to come back or wait for another time and another set of circumstances.

These circumstances could be timing for them and their parents, particularly wealth or place of living as each Soul has a particular mission that they wish to experience and perhaps circumstances aren’t quite right at this time.

This doesn’t mean that love isn’t always around because once you have touched the Soul of your baby they are forever with you – even if they decide to choose other parents at the time, they will always come back to you in one form or another.

Your spirit babies are your connection with the other worlds and many are simply here to let you know that. That there are other worlds, other imaginations, other lifetimes and other possibilities in your Universe.

It is all about looking up to the sky and knowing where you came from, where you planned and plotted your life and all your experiences, including the connection with your spirit babies.

They are always with you, no matter in person or in spirit and may decide to come to you again in another form – niece or a nephew or a god child. Do not fear, you will know who they are because you will have a spiritual connection with them.

Other babies simply change their minds as they review their life and decide it is not for them after all. This maybe a particularly difficult challenge that they are guided to not go ahead with because circumstances aren’t quite right.

It may also be the body they did not choose. For us my darling Debra, your body and my body were perfect for the circumstance we chose because we chose ‘unwholeness’ for you to become whole. Not all mums need to experience this to wake them up but you were particularly stubborn and blocked off.

And so our babies have choices and at some level you have a choice too. Maybe you cannot offer what the baby needs at this time and so you decide to let them go until you can manage this better and your own Soul purpose in this relationship.

Maybe it is the wrong time for the child and they need to wait for someone else to pass until the time is right for them to appear. They can gain much knowledge and wisdom from their loved ones when they return to help them decide which path they wish to take and what to expect.

These loved ones may indeed become their guides and they need these guides, who are so connected to the family, in order to feel fully safe and informed before they enter.

Miscarriage is a joyful thing to experience in the end because it allows you stronger and better connection to all that is and to your spirit babies. It is sad on a human level of course because it is a difficult connection to break once on the earthly plane and it almost feels like being severed.

But know the connection takes a different form after this, a more beautiful one as the need for connection is gone and so you allow each other the freedom to be as a whole while remaining in contact and in each others’ space and worlds.

So do not grieve for your little ones as they enjoyed the best of times and know they have experienced your love on many levels. It is just for now they choose to experience it in this way and not physical form.

If you could see all the baby souls with me now you would not fret because they are all happy in making their choices and watch you from afar, wondering and waiting when they will be ready to come to you. Also watching and waiting for you to allow them to be ready for you.

For you mums it is the clearing of the womb, clearing of the space that will house your little souls so they know they are not coming in with fear, or with lack or with past lives that may throw them off their path, a path that is only love and bringing only their most special qualities down into the world at this time.

Many of them have seen and experienced much of what the earth has to offer and now wish to bring only joy and awakening to the process, for the earth is changing and these little souls of pure light are much needed.

There must be reassurance that their light will be able to shine brightly without the worries and woes of those they have chosen to join with. They need to be understood, to be the new wave of beings that bring light to the world and if they are not given free reign to do so, their mission will be incomplete and their time not given the best of what it could be.

This new wave of souls have a very special mission and therefore they must choose well their parents and their situations in order to do so. But they cannot do this alone and the mothers that they are seeking must first seek themselves and also wake up to the mission of light that they have willingly accepted in this lifetime.

Your job dear Debra is to bring light to the mums who live in the shadows of fear for they are the carriers by which these little ones will bring light to the world. And so it is with love that I leave you for that is enough for you to take in for now. You are of the light in this way with all the souls you have brought forth, including myself. And the level and depth of your beingness will set the way for others – light the way for others to do the same.

So clear and cleanse and do all you can to spread this light and know I am here and waiting always for our love to shine out brightly together in this world and create a new earth.

Go well, with love. I am always with you. Rosa.


Channelled by Debra Kilby from my spirit guide Rosa

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