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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom message from Source – The fires of the Amazon rainforest and the fires within

Cooling the fires within and out

Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – today a message from Source on the fires in the Amazon. The fires within you.

Channelled by Debra Kilby from Source:

“Bring the cold still waters to your mind, the bubbling streams and the lazy rivers, notice the calming effect of these images of water. Notice how these bodies of water make you feel, notice a small river running through nature, notice how it makes you feel. For this is your true essence, the essence of peace and flow that flows within you all just as it flows within the earth.

Now bring your mind to the fires of the Amazon, the fires of many forests throughout your great world and what do you feel? For many of you there will be fear, fear of destruction, fear of death. Others will see the drama and the aliveness of the flames and will thrive in this drama, this risk of playing with fire, risk of death and destruction, including your own. Maybe some of you need this drama to feel alive. Others of you need drama to feel needed, part of, alight your own rescuer energy, hero energy – which too are false God’s my children.

Whilst for others the fire will bring feelings of helplessness, giving up – and if this is the case look to the other parts of your earth who and which are not yet giving up and focus on them, focus on the remaining beauty and not the destruction and it is to more beauty you will see.

And for many the fire will bring up hatred and anger and blame and justification of who is right and who is wrong. And yet my child I ask you, who can be the wrong one if the are in fact showing you the right thing? The right emotions for you? The emotions that lie inside of you until you can settle on one that feels like you, that feels like love, that feels like peace. Is it not those who do ‘wrong’ that show you what it is to be ‘right’? And so therefore how can they be wrong?

For if they are wrong then can you not be wrong too? And so not get caught up in the blame game of who is right and who is wrong for simply you will all have very different ideas of this and very different roles to play in it.

And so instead, think of the fires, feel the energy of the fires and what this is bringing up for you and then soothe these beliefs and soothe these feelings by returning to love, returning to the waters of love, the soothing flow of the rivers of energy that flow through you and bring this feeling to the fires that lie inside you that is not the fire of passion to create but the fire of passion to destroy.

For why would you wish to destroy yourself? And this is a question to be contemplated by you all. For however abhorrent this statement comes to you, is it not a small part of the truth that we all carry the desire to destroy? And what is it we are trying to destroy and why?

And yet this is not a human thing, it is an energy thing and a very old one at that. And so see this energy and love this energy for what it is, for it is time to come back into the fold and back into the arms of love and no longer berated and chastised as if it were a wrong thing. For a wrong thing, told it is a wrong, over many eons of time, will continue to play the role of the wrong thing

So therefore do not make it wrong. Make it a part of love, for it is only then that that the cool waters can ease and sooth it so there is no longer any impetus or need for it to destroy for any more length of time.

And so do you see my dear how these fires raging in your Amazon are the exact same fires raging within yourselves. And it is these fires that must be extinguished. And the more of you who can see and love and accept these fires within yourself; the fire of death, the fire of drama, the fire of blame, the fire of giving up and letting ‘Rome burn’, then the more of you will bring the smooth waters of love back into your hearts and minds and therefore back into the heart and mind of the planet – for it is you and you are it.”

And so it is.

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