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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom message from Melchizedek – age and conception – age and life – age and death

Age and conception – age and life – age and death

Channeled by Debra Kilby from Melchizedek

“And so it is we can also offer you and all of your many readers some of the realities of the body. For just as you are all a part of the all and everything, so too are your cells and molecules and atoms and so too must they be loved as the Universe loves them and loved by you for all they do and all they share out into the world. For do you see that just as the energy of the Universe never ceases, neither does the energy of your cells. And so it is that the energy of your cells must be fuelled equally as the Universe is fuelled, for they are one and the same thing.

And can you imagine the Universe ever dying through lack of energy? And so why then can you envisage the cells in your body dying? Is it because at heart you all wish to give up this life on earth and actually come home to us here in the ethers? For surely if you wished to stay and remain then you would surely be believing that you, as a part of a never-ending, never dying Universe, neither too have to die – ever. And so we are asking you to see your cells and treat your cells as you treat the Universe, for that is indeed what they are.

And to see these cells of yours as never-ending or never dying and yet and instead – ever expanding and ever-living. Ever changing indeed and yet never ceasing to be. So can you see how this change in perception may bring about a longer life? And can you see how this change in perception can bring about a more full life and one that you know you are in full control of and indeed not at the mercy of what you call the ageing process.

For indeed the Universe is ageing and changing but at the same time it is not, for it simply is. And this is indeed the same for you. And so you do not need to succumb to the notion that you must die in order to live. Or die in order to return to us here in the higher heavens, for the point is my dear you are already in and already are that higher heaven.

And so there is no reason to die and there is no reason to age except for the belief that this so. And so my dear you can tell these women and indeed tell these men that there is no such thing as the ageing process and there is only the thing of wishing to die and therefore altering the cells to no longer function as optimally as the can in order for this to happen.

And this would be a shame for the many who would like to live and a shame for the many who have long waited to see this statement of bringing heaven to earth, because do you see my dear, it is in fact one and the same thing.

And so do not choose to die, do not choose for your cells to die for this is only an example of you missing ‘home’ and missing ‘us’ when in fact we are already here and you are already home. And this may well be a big concept for you to understand and certainly there will be many who simply choose not to believe, and the only reason for this is that they are choosing not to stay.

Choosing not to stay in this body or in this lifetime for they feel so far away from home that they cannot bear to be apart from it for so long. And yet you my dear now know differently and so you too can choose right here and right now to live or to die and to start all over again. For you can surely come back here at any time whether it is you choose to come back here through a passing of time on earth, or come back through the imaginations of your mind, for truly this is all just one and the same thing.

And so your body my dear does not need to age as the cells are the cells of the Universe, ever-changing and ever expanding and ever experiencing different stages and yet never going anywhere completely out into the nothingness. For the nothingness is already here within you too. And so set your sights on living my dear and set your sights on loving your cells and being with your cells just as you are setting your sights on loving the Universe and being with the Universe for it truly is one and same thing and once you know this, then it is surely time for others to know this.

And so look after your bodies and your bodies will look after you, is the exact same meaning as look after your earth and your earth will look after you. And look after your love and your love will look after you, the love of this being of course, the love of the Universe.

And so it is when your women of light come to you to question just how it is they can become pregnant when they have reached a certain age in your human years, so it is that you can tell them that this concept is of course of no consequence unless they believe it to be so.”


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