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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom a message from spirit on the truth of the belief or non-belief of – I am enough

The truth behind the belief or non-belief of – I am enough

Channeled message below by Debra Kilby from Source:

When you believe in yourself, believe that you are enough, your light shines out even stronger in the world. When you know you are enough, that you have nothing to prove to anyone and you give yourself permission to shine, others feel they are allowed to do the same – and so the transformation spreads beautifully not only to you and for you but for your loved ones and as a matter of fact – the whole world! Yes you really are that powerful. Believe.

These 3 simple words can determine how you show up in life. How you show up for yourself – in the choices you make, the relationships you have and how you are in those relationships. They can drive you to work too hard, try too hard, or to buy your way to worthiness with more and more purchases – feeding your need for ‘enoughness with external stuff. Or they can make you feel hopeless and helpless and what’s the point. And maybe also angry and frustrated as you cannot pinpoint what it is that you feel is missing.

The truth is also simple – you are enough, just as you are, and always have been.

Message from Source:

“What I have to say on the subject of I am enough, is that this is an ancient curse bestowed on you by the very priests and priestesses of a certain time in the Egyptian realms yes, and yet even before this time, as you were always told you were not enough; not enough for the Gods and Goddesses, not enough for the priests and priestesses, and not enough for the houses of the rich and the Pharaohs.

And so you have always been told you are not enough, always felt you were not good enough and never once did it occur to your parents or their parents or their parents before them to heal this wound of the heart that truly runs so deep in the psyche and so deep in the heart of all of you on this earth plane.

And so it is my joy to inform you that this concept of not enough, this energy of not enough, has truly had its time, for it is time to say no to these lies and time to say no to all those powers that be that have and continue to bestow this message on you in order to keep you from asking for too much, and being to much and knowing too much, for it is not in their best interests that you do so.

However, it is most certainly in your best interests to know that you are indeed all equal to the Gods and Goddesses that have ever existed. That no one and no thing is ever more than you or greater than you, this is only a lie, a lie that has been told over and over and over again to keep you from realising your own power. The truth of this statement – I am enough – will indeed out, as you have said before – because there is no time or space or energy left for this false truth to continue to take a hold and one day you will all be able to open your eyes to the real truth of glory and power and ‘Godishness’ that you all seek to look out for and up for but never in for.

And it is indeed ‘in for’ that you need to go to find this truth of yourselves because there is no room in this life on this earth for anything other than this. Times are changing, life is changing and the earth is changing and you are all able or about to be able to see the real truth of who you are.

So we invite you to take off your blinkers and unwrap those bandages from around your eyes that have lain there for oh so many years because it truly is time for you to see, see without the gloss, see without the stains, see without the eyes of somebody else peering out from your view, no this is not the way anymore. The way is the way of you and only you.

And so it is that you will honour yourselves and you will honour the Gods and the Goddesses and the masters and the angels and the people on earth, not because they are different from you or more powerful than you, or weaker than you, but because they are you.

And you will see that all of these are simply aspects of you. And so it is you must treat you with the utmost of love and respect for you will finally be looking at the you that is in fact the great I AM.

And it is to this I AM that we are serving and nothing more and nothing less. So serve well your I AM. For you are indeed your all and everything. And we honour you here as you honour us. As your brethren, as your tribe, as your mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and most of all as you.

And we stand in honour together as the equals that we are. So take your stance and know of your I AM and the presence and the power this brings to your life but not only that the collective.

After all, as one we rise and as one we fall. And many of us are those who choose to rise.

And so it is our sweet ones, our loved ones in heaven as it is on earth. And so shall it be for the greater good and the greater God of all.”

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