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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – babies are waiting – message from the spirit baby realm

Rosa: Babies are waiting

The communication and message that I couldn’t ignore. Trust indeed!

Message from the spirit baby world and my guide Rosa – life before life – for today’s Wednesday Worldly Wisdom. A message that came through two years ago and I couldn’t ignore the push, no matter how terrifying, to ‘come out’ and step up into my role as a healer and spirit baby medium helping women to meet their spirit and future babies.

It led to me setting up my journey to Motherhood, pre-conception, baby loss and birth trauma FB group, which I invite you to join if you are on this challenging path.


My wish is that Rosa’s message fills you with hope, that you know you are not alone, that you are held through your joys and your dark times. And for those of you not on their journey to motherhood, you find comfort and curiosity about life before life.

“This will be a beautiful group filled with love and joy as you all connect together as one in your mission of connecting with your babies here and in spirit.

This group will be infused with the vibration and intention of love and of bringing about a New Earth as the mums and dads who are drawn to it and respond to your call, our call, to take up the mantle of bringing down the beautiful souls here unto the earth so they can live their lives and their mission in the full knowledge that their parents know who they are and what they are here for.

That they will connect, heal and shine their light out into the world as the bright spirits that they are.

And so it is, the parents who are called to your group are the ones who will hold the light and hold it well and hold it strong for their babies here in spirit, to appreciate and to recognise and to love with as much joy as they can muster in order that these babies can feel fully fledged into life and all that contains.

So set up your group and put out your call and I will do the rest my dear one, for I am with you and all the joy in the world cannot describe how we are feeling here now, knowing you are about to take that step into your work and into your mission.

We cannot do it all from here and so we are honoured you are able to do this for us and we are waiting with joy in our hearts to bring our parents to you.

They will be healed merely by being in this group as their awareness is raised instantaneously upon the acknowledgement and acceptance of who they are and what they are here to do.

A Soul Plan Reading is a way of starting this process. For it is in the reading that the true magic will abound as they begin their clearing process and become ready to receive. Ready to receive the light of their little ones.

And so you will tell them of the joy that is waiting for them here. And you will align them with their path and you will help them to see the true power of who they are so they are then able to accept their contracts with their babies here and bring down the light.

And your words will be of love and joy and reassurance and those who need to know will be drawn to you, so do not fear this will be an empty group for it is a group that already has a light shining within it, surrounded in a bubble of pure light waiting to receive only those who are drawn to that bubble.

And they will be. And they will come. Your role is to entice them there, to be seen there to draw them there so we can then do our work.

Do not ask me of the words you wish to write because you know already these words and you have to take responsibility for them.

But we are infusing you with light in order to bring these words to the surface, like a code arising out of the nothingness that those called will hear and recognise. So allow these words to come and allow your truth to be told with no holding back on the exact mission you have.

This is the truth, do not fear you are making it up. And trust that we are with you. Trust that I am with you at all times to ensure that this process goes exactly as it should.

Babies are indeed waiting. Waiting to be held and waiting to be welcomed by the parents who so choose this mission also. They are beautiful and powerful souls who wish to get to ‘work’ as soon as they can, so do not worry about the success rate, that is not for you to concern yourself with.

Hold no fear with this for it is the truth of what you see and we are looking forward to being able to take this next step with you.

Well done for getting this far and soon it will be known, of that have no fear. Open up your heart and open up your group for we are already there in it waiting to greet our parents who arrive in it.

This is a sacred space for us to be and to join and to give and receive our messages to you and all of our parents. And so it will be.

A sacred group that has been blessed from above as part of a bigger plan.

Trust in what must come. This is your mission, this is your business and so the light will infuse all of that.”

With love


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