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Magical Monday – distance healing – meeting your crossroads of destiny with courage

Magical Monday – Distance healing to help you out of your comfort zone into your magic zone – Crossroads of Destiny. 

Magical Monday – today – distance healing on beliefs to help you at this pivotal point of time -Crossroads of Destiny. Support to step out of your comfort zone into your Soul Destiny. Just say yes to receive the energy of the beliefs below.

This card brings the empowerment of the Crossroad of destiny. This year, intense as its been, and more recently the 11:11 and 12:12 portals beaming more light onto the planet has all been offering you the opportunity to face and to release stuck feelings and stagnant energy, old traumas and conditioning. It has offered you support to coming to where you are now. Huge congratulations – you’re still standing – is how I feel!

This card and the energy this week, happens when you have mastered a cycle in your life and are ready to be in joy, enjoy knowing more of you and being you. As we get closer to a new decade, a new way of you looking at yourself and the world that this year has opened up for you, please know you are not leaving behind anything you love or which serves you – you are only stepping out of your comfort zone more fully into who you are and your Soul’s Plan.

You are the one who gets to choose how you experience life no matter the external circumstance. You get to choose what you would like to create. Your mind likes to make you think familiarity creates security but this is an illusion, all things change and are constantly changing.

The magic happens out of your comfort zone. The unknown world into which your heading – soon becomes known – until change comes again.

If you would like to receive the energy of the following beliefs to help connect you to trusting your choices and your passions, just say yes and allow the energy to flow through you.
• I have the highest truth and understanding of the blessing of the unknown
• I know what it feels like to trust that the Universe is creating a space for something new to enter my life in its own perfect timing
• I know what it feels like to make decisions from my heart
• I know what it feels like to move through all choice points with grace and ease
• I know what it feels like to step out of my comfort zone
• I know what it feels like to have courage, patience, curiosity and trust whilst in the space of stepping forward into my new life adventures – even if this is a space of the unknown.
• I know what it feels like to trust my decisions
• I know what it feels like to be gentle and patient with myself whilst I am in the space of the unknown
• I know what it feels like to open myself to the alchemy of my soul’s growth
• I know that familiarity does not bring security and I am ready to experience the magic outside of my comfort zone
I know how to, I am safe doing so, I deserve to and I choose to live my daily life with this grace and ease now for my highest and best good.

And so it is .

Much Magical Monday blessings


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