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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – Why do some women struggle to conceive?

Why do some women struggle to conceive? And Is it different types of souls that come to parents who struggle for a long time?

Today’s Wednesday Worldly Wisdom answers this question above, asked by one of my beautiful clients. Below is Rosa’s reply. Wishing for you all of you to you are love, know you are power, – your creative power as a portal of light – the truth of which may well be buried deep under the layers of your life experiences. But it is there.


“My dear, some women struggle to conceive because that is the way they have chosen to awaken and enlighten themselves. For there is nothing more powerful to awaken a soul than on a journey to motherhood that is so often taken for granted, or so often medicalised to the point of it being a separate experience from the souls actually involved that it is no longer considered a sacred act.

A sacred act of creation that is playing out a long-lost story of the creation itself. For how more creative can you be than to bring in and birth in and create a soul that is a part of you and yet not a part of you, for is that not creation itself?

A creating of a whole from another whole that is also a part of the same whole? And it is the brutality of not having this age old mechanism in place, this mechanism that first saw the birth of the Universe and the birth of the earth at your disposal that can throw up all sorts of ancient patterns and emotions – that of being denied, being separate from, being apart from and not a part of creation that is the hardest brunt to bear.

That you feel you are not a part of the Universe, for how can you be when the Universe creates and yet you feel you cannot. And yet my dear it is of course that you can create, that of course you can all create because the truth is you are the Universe and therefore are a creator, it is simply your belief about yourself or your world, or even your own mother and her ability to create that can throw any person into believing that they cannot.

That they cannot create a child, that they cannot create a Universe even of their own making. And yet they do this all the time, this act of creation, for you are all creating in every moment of time and it is up to you what you wish to create.

And so if your story is that you have created something wrongly, or have been created wrongly, then there will be a blip in that mechanism that allows you to see yourself as creators. Do you hear what I am saying? I am saying that each and everyone of you is creating at every moment in time and yet you do not see this and you are not aware of this because of the patterns and programmes of your mind that tell you otherwise.

And yet you know you are doing this at all times because you sense you are creating either good luck or bad luck. You sense you are creating illness or anxiety and you sense you are creating love or conflict in every action you take.

And so why not is it that some women feel it hard to create babies, or believe it is not possible for them to create babies? And this my dear is the million-dollar question to which I am answering now. The reason is this my dear, you cannot create what you don’t wish to create. And so why would they not wish to create a baby soul into the world when all it is, is a baby soul they wish for?

And that is the question you need to ask your ladies. Why is it that all they wish to do is create and yet they cannot for do they actually wish to create a child? And if not why not? What is it that is holding them back from the belief that they can and will?

What is the wound of separation that is getting in the way of their natural and God-given right to create purely from the perspective that as part of a creative universe they are this creation themselves? So as I say to you many times and I know you say to them, perhaps it is time for this message to be delivered more forcibly, not with force, but with force and with humour and with love, fierce love that they will hear the calling of their own love that lies within.

For these women of light who choose this particular journey to motherhood, are choosing a particular path to awakening – awakening themselves and awakening the love that lies within because of the deep, wound of separation. Most often the wound of the mother and the separation that occurs from the moment of conception from one source to the next and then again the wound of separation from one source into their own source and the needs that must be given in order for this separation to be eased.

And yet so often this separation wound is so deep because the needs of the child self have not been met. And here we come to the second part of the story of conception and that is the story of the other whole soul who is choosing to separate itself from one source and into another, the source of the mother.

And so yes, your woman is right that many of the women experiencing struggles with their conception journey are the ones whose baby souls have already experienced and survived, lived through and from in the energy of separation and so no longer wish to experience it again.

And yet until the mother chooses to close this gap of separation with themselves, with their energy of motherhood and with their own separation from Source, these baby souls can no longer come in, for it is not part of their journey to feel separate again, it is their journey now to feel the oneness and the wholeness of being the Source, no matter what source they are in, the Source of God, the Source of Me, the source of you or the source of themselves, it is merely the source of life and it is our connection and remembrance to this source that brings life and recollects our remembrance of the source light that is the all and everything of the all and everything and if therefore they feel and know from a very young age, from conception that this their truth, than they will be very happy and fulfilled on their souls journey and be in a position to master and attain the levels of mastery that they came here to accomplish this time around.

And these levels of mastery are ones that include the mastery of self-expression, the mastery of self-love and the mastery of self-belief, the mastery of the self and the all knowing and all feeling sense that they are one and of the one and not of the separation that we can all so often feel on this dense planet.

But do you also see that by allowing them in with this light of oneness, the density of the planet is also changed and transformed to one more of the oneness and less of the separation.

And so my dear these women of light have a big task ahead of them to feel and to heal the deep sense of separation and aloneness that they feel, the deep sense of unworthiness at having been ‘created’ themselves and therefore creators of the next generation of creators.

But it is all possible and it is all within reach for it would not be happening if it were not so.

And so I implore these women of light to turn to their own light first, to turn to their own source of light and feel the oneness within themselves – for by doing so they are welcoming in the oneness of another.

And so it is.

My forever love and blessing as always in all ways – your darling Rosa.



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