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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – message from spirit. Today – healing beauty of rain for the earth and us

The healing beauty of rain for the earth and us all – message from spirit

Wednesday Worldly Wisdom message from spirit – today – the beauty and the power of rain. Of course this is more than a message about rain – it looks beyond rain as simply another rainy day – a weather we in the UK are known to enjoy a good moan about. The element of water is really calling for attention right now – Fires, drought and floods. The destruction that comes from an imbalance of too much rain or lack of it. 

Water as we know is not only a healing life force for the earth and of course for us in terms of water – but it’s role is so much more than this physical one. In fact one of the lines of the message is – washing away the seeds of evil – mmm! I’ve never liked this word, it always brings up scary, ancient biblical images that create fear. And so I asked why they had used this word and what did it mean.

And it is this message that has left me feeling so hugely uplifted. The letters of evil also form the word veil. And that veil is being lifted so we can all start to see the truth of ourselves and our connection to Mother Earth.

Message from Source:

“Today, I would like to share with you about the rain. Because all I hear from you is the rain is this and the rain is that but have you ever stopped to wonder about the rain? What is the rain? Where does it come from and why is it here?

Do you know that every droplet of rain contains an essence of yourself? An essence of the spirit of life that keeps your earth turning? And in so doing is nourishing to plants and trees and the animals yes, but also to your human lives.

Is it not washing away the sadness that a raindrop can bring? Is it not rinsing and cleansing the earth fo the darker power of energies that like to keep you separate from the earth and separate from the very life on earth around you?

Imagine not a single droplet of rain fell on you in all of your lifetime. What would you be missing in your life? You’d be missing a cleansing, a purifying, a freedom of standing out in life as you the very essence of a life pouring along your body washing the grit from your eyes and the debris from your body.

Yes this rain is good for your earth, but my dears it is also time to know that it is indeed very good for all of you humans too, for without it, there is a harshness to life, a bareness to the life you see before you and a certain sense of hopelessness.

So do not distract yourselves from the rain and do not ‘diss’ the rain for remember the rain is more than just a cloud burst, it is more than a drenching and a soaking and an inconvenience. The rain is a clearing, a cleansing, a force to bring forth life, bring forth new life, not only in the ground and the soil but also within your Soul.

So know the rain is also you and the life you bring, and know also that the rain is bringing you to a new life as the seeds of evil that were planted on your planet many, many moons ago are consistently and lovingly being washed away the very drops of life force that they bring with them.

So please welcome the rain and please welcome the clearing for it is only then that the loving sun can truly rise in tandem with it as opposites of the same life giving force.

And so it is to welcome all of your experiences in life, as in all weathers, there is all beauty and all of life. And you are a part of this life and so too must be welcomed in all of your guises and experiences in order for the axis of the world to keep turning, in a way that is very much in favour of life, and very much in favour of you, our dearest Souls.

And so it is with love and gratitude I send this message. For all of the wet days that are clearing the way for a much brighter dawn, and an altogether much brighter future.

And so it is.

Further question I had about the use of the word evil.

Me) Why use the world evil – what is evil?


There are many things that you humans are not ready to understand and evil is one of them. This is not because you are not ready or willing to understand it because many of you are, it is just a story of so, so long ago that this story of light and dark is often of no consequence to you these days.

For evil is not a thing, nor an act, it is more of a veil, a veil of illusion that keeps you from seeing the full truth, the whole truth and it is this veil that has let to many things happening in your world that can be condemned as ‘evil’ – an evil – a veil – that shows only the harshness of this side of life and not the beauty that is the truth of all of life.

And so do you see that when this veil is removed, as is being so at this time, you will all be able to see that the world can live without this evil, this veil, of illusion that keeps you from knowing the whole truth of who you are at heart, our dearest of Souls on this extraordinary planet of earth.

And so it is you will once again see life beyond the veil as it is washed and cleansed by the love that is being felt and experienced across the planet by a whole host of beings for whom we can and are forever grateful.

And so it is.


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