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A message of love from the spirit baby realm

A message of love from the spirit baby realm

There is always more we need to know and we need to know this with lightness in our hearts as we continually grow deep into the heart of who we are.

My message for the ladies of the babies I have with me today is this; All there is, is love. And love is not something you feel, it is something you are. At this present moment your babies here in spirit all know this and they wish for you to know this too as their high vibration needs to be matched and aligned with your own.

If you cannot find a way to love yourself in this manner, then find something that you feel you can and do love unconditionally and start from here. Because this love you feel for something or someone else will soon spread to you knowing that this love is also meant to be spread for you and by you. For you are all love. And we wish you to see ourselves from our perspective here.

For often we worry that if you cannot see yourselves a love, and then how are we to know for sure you will be able to guide us back to the loving knowledge we have here in this place?

Please imagine I as your baby Soul are looking at you, that we are meeting eye to eye and in my reflection of you I see only love, and in my reflection of me I see only love. What is it that you see?

And we are here to lovingly help you see only that, that is our pure love for you and therefore can only be a pure love of yourself.

And so it is.

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With love



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