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Magical Monday – distance healing today supporting your Individuality

Magical Monday – Distance healing to support your individuality to be uniquely you

Magical Monday distance healing today on beliefs around individuality. The energy this week and the gift is the gift of individuality – the gift of feeling safe enough to enjoy the uniqueness that is you. Just say yes to receive and allow the energy of the beliefs below to flow through you.

Why is being an individual, being uniquely you, so hard? Often it’s because we just want to fit in for fear of judgement and ridicule – essentially a fear of being alone. But what if we were all the same – how dull! When we see talented musicians or artists or a stranger on the street expressing their true style we often admire them for doing so. If we judge someone, essentially, we are judging ourselves and perhaps knowingly or unknowingly a tad envious that someone is able to show up exactly as they please!

Is it time to be courageous and allow yourself to receive and live the gift of feeling free to be you? You are the much needed, much loved, perfectly, imperfect piece of a huge divine puzzle and the world, the Universe no less, is asking you to embrace and add your unique flavour to it.

How will you express your individuality today? Perhaps this is a particular hobby or interest, your unique style in clothes or hair style, or beliefs you hold about the world. Embrace yourself, embrace the experience of allowing yourself – to be yourself. This not only benefits you but giving yourself permission, helps other people give themselves permission to also express themselves. 

Just say yes to the beliefs below and allow the energy to flow through you.

  • I have the highest truth and understanding of being an individual
    • I know what it feels like and how to discover and love my authentic self
    • I know what it feels like to be free to be me
    • I know what it feels like and how to express my individuality
    • I know what it feels like and how to inspire others through expressing my own individuality.
    • I know how to accept my individuality
    • I know that I am a unique expression of the Divine
    • I know what it feels like to make choices that reflect my own personal values and not that of others
    • I know how to release fear of judgement, shame, guilt, ridicule and suffering I have ever experienced about being an individual, about being different and about expressing who I truly am.
    • I know what it feels like to forgive myself and free myself from all such experiences now
    I know how to, I choose to, I deserve to, I am safe doing so and I live my daily life with this grace and ease now.

Magical Monday blessings
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Much magical Monday blessings

Debra  xxx

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