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Magical Monday – distance healing today to expand your intuition

Magical Monday – Distance healing to expand your intuition

Magical Monday distance healing today transforming beliefs around – being able to read energy. Just say yes to receive the energy of the beliefs below to support you with your intuition and ability to interpret energetic information.

Be prepared for an upgrade in gifts if you are already utilising your intuition! Opening up and developing your intuitive abilities opens up a world of possibility. Your mind only ever tells you what has already been and makes decisions from past experiences. This creates limitations and fear, particularly if that past experience wasn’t so great. Tapping into your intuition, your gut feeling and learning to trust this takes you to a whole other level and allows you to create a future that is not veiled by the past.

I can ‘see’ feel and interpret energy of people and unseen beings as well as nature – you can too, because you are energy and connected to everything. Intuition is for example being curious as to whether something makes you feel good or not so good when you’re engaged in it. It’s that sense when you walk into a house or restaurant for example that something’s not quite right. Also a knowing about a person – do they lift you or drain you? Do you feel you can be yourself or maybe have to hide a bit of yourself? All of this is perceiving energy.

This card is encouraging you to become more aware of this innate gift of yours and develop it. Because of the dim and distant past when using your intuition was dismissed and derided; considered wrong, dangerous even, (because it’s so powerful those who want to control and keep us small made it/make it a bad thing) we can hold many beliefs that can stop us from fully embracing this aspect of ourselves.

If you would like to receive the energy of the following beliefs to begin to open up your intuition at a level appropriate for you, just say yes! And allow the energy to flow through you.

  • I have the highest truth and understanding of intuition
    • I know what it feels like to trust my own feelings
    • I know what it feels like to trust my intuition
    • I know what it feels like to be open to receive information by reading the energy
    • I know how to trust and receive information from my higher self on my next step
    • I allow my full ability to read, interpret and perceive energetic material be opened through Divine mercy and unconditional love for my highest good.
    • I know what it feels like to be courageous to follow my intuition
    • I know how to release any fear, patterns or programs I have ever held about seeing energy, feeling energy spiritual truths or other realities beyond the physical world.
    • I forgive and release myself and all others connected to me now from any wounding, belief system or memory connected to my ability to see and read energy.
    • I choose to accept my gifts of inner sight and the wisdom in my own instincts and intuition
    That I know how to, I deserve to, I’m safe doing so and I choose to live my daily life with this grace and ease now for my highest and best good
    And so it is.
  • Magical Monday blessings
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Much magical Monday blessings

Debra  xxx

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