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Bringing in the babies: A healing masterclass supporting you to become pregnant

Bringing in the babies: A healing masterclass supporting you to become pregnant

Spend a beautiful evening held in a warm and powerful space created for you to receive healing, insight and to support you in your conception journey. Connect with your future babies, discover what spirit wish you to know, gain insight into some of the reasons you may be struggling to conceive, clear some of the subconscious beliefs that may be holding you back from becoming a mum, and take away tools you can draw on beyond this masterclass.

It’s time for your new beginning

Sign up here just £47 for 3 hours of insight and healing

The Masterclass is led by myself, Debra Kilby, a spirit baby medium, conscious conception specialist and women’s healer. My friends and fellow healers – Soul Alchemist. Master pendulum healer and subconscious mind transformation specialist Marina Beech. And Olwen Jennings, coach, healer and channel of a collective of spirit guides – the UK’s Esther Hicks – for unique guidance from spirit on your pregnancy journey. All of us are mum’s who have experienced our own challenging journey to motherhood.

During this masterclass you will be held in love and compassion as you receive and experience powerful insight and healing to shift you out of your current loop of hope and disappointment, confusion, uncertainty and pain to a place of feeling more empowered; having an understanding of your why and what next. You are a powerful woman of love and beauty underneath the layers of life that have told you otherwise – and you are your own key to becoming a mum.

This masterclass is for women aged 30 and above who have been struggling to conceive for a while. You may be preparing for medical intervention or already been through a number of IVF cycles and you’re looking for a way out of the loop; a different perspective. You are open to explore your emotions and the bigger picture of your conception journey; you are open to conception not being a physical act alone and you’re aware you are inviting another soul into your life and into the world.

What is it that you need to know? What trauma or beliefs might be underlying your challenges? What is it your future babies need? And what do they wish you to know?

If you are not interested in the answers to these questions this masterclass is not for you.  If you are spinning in a loop of – why me? Why can others’ get pregnant and I can’t? And you’d like to be held in love as you receive healing and insight into your situation, then myself, Marina and Olwen offer you a unique opportunity to re-set your journey to motherhood.

Imagine you have the answer to your why? That you know what you need to focus on in terms of your healing? Imagine you know you can communicate with your future baby and that they are with you at all times? Imagine you are no longer carrying unhelpful beliefs from this lifetime, past lives or ancestral? Imagine your own self-awareness and healing is what will guide you and your baby together?

This Masterclass will take place online on the evening of Friday 20th March, the day of the Spring Equinox and two days before Mother’s Day here in the UK, to bring in the energies of the mother and new beginnings.

I’ll open the Masterclass sharing information on what could be going on in your mind and body as to why you may not be pregnant yet, insights from the spirit baby realm and a womb healing and blessing.

Marina will then connect in with collective beliefs, blocks and restrictions, that are past/present life or ancestral and command a healing for all who sign-up.

Olwen and her guides will then choose two attendees who have pre-submitted questions and offer them spirit guidance. Please know the messages will also be of relevance to you all. Olwen will also channel a message on fertility and conception for the whole group.

The evening will close with a guided meditation with Debra to the spirit baby realm to meet your future baby.

Set this time aside for you to receive and heal Replay will be available for anyone who can’t join live.

Date:     20th March 2020

Time:    7pm till 10pm (UK time)

Cost:      £47

Location: Online hosted by Zoom video

Bonus tools:

  • Replay to listen to again and go deeper every time
  • Discover your limiting belief meditation
  • Reflection prompt sheets that allow you to track your journey

Sign up here and you’ll receive confirmation by email of your place and have the opportunity to submit your questions.

Much love

Debra x

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