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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – message from spirit. Today – what is Coronavirus showing us? What’s the real destructive virus?

Coronavirus – message from spirit. What is the real destructive virus?

I was questioning whether to share this message below on Covid19 because I didn’t want to add to the focus and the fear. But as a messenger for spirit this is an interesting aspect to take account of. This is a spiritual perspective and not to disregard or lesson any distress or pain on a human level, just to offer a different way of looking at it. Source/creator is asking us, as they always are, to look within. To ask, what is this virus showing you? Showing us all as a collective?

Firstly, that we’re not separate at all, what affects one of us, affects us all one way or another. We can be so busy and focused on what affects us individually, many of us rarely have time, energy or often inclination for what is affecting anyone else. This virus is forcing us to open our eyes to the collective and how we’re all in it together. Everything is energy, whether fear, love or a virus it spreads from person to person. Love is much more powerful and I’ll be doing a live meditation later today on fear and love.

Secondly, it’s exposing fear. It’s showing us how fearful we are of living life, losing life, being vulnerable, restricted. How we’re fearful of the unknown and of others. It’s showing us where we get sucked into other people’s truths or drama rather than digging deeper into what is our own truth. It’s also showing us where more care and attention is needed, largely of our elders, of our medical staff and facilities and our own physical, mental and emotional health. This virus is showing us an awful lot if we care to look! Will we learn about ourselves and us as a global community from this?

This virus is affecting people’s lungs, a part of the body known for holding grief. In Louise Hay’s book “You can heal your life”, she also says that respiratory ailments are a response to mass negativity and beliefs. Fear. As a collective, we are in a massive clearing of fear. What needs to happen to help us face our fears so they no longer hold the power? Much of this is about being honest with ourselves and others about our fears and no longer hiding from them. Taking away the power that fear can hold over us.

The question is, what is driving your fear? This message from Source asks us to go deeper into the fear – what is lying underneath it? Fear is a part of who we are but we all have unique stories for what drives our fears because we’ve all had unique life experiences.

Source is also asking us to see ourselves as not separate from the virus. Are we as people actually behaving the same way as this virus? Creating fear, destruction, mistrust in the other – what makes humans so different from this virus? Throughout history we have tried to take over others we feel are more vulnerable, have destroyed certain groups of people, have seemingly no care for life.

Take a moment. Breathe and be still. Be curious about what you are actually in fear of. When we slow down and allow ourselves to come out of stress, more oxygen flows to our brain so we can find solutions and clarity on how to move through any situations. And – wash your hands!

Here is the message I channelled from Source.

“What people need to know about the Coronovirus is that it is a virus like any other, with its own personality and its own traits and its own way of doing things – much like you. Can you see you are treating it like you would any other human being who is threatening you? Is there another way therefore of treating this virus and of treating others?

What is this virus saying to you? It’s saying you are scared, or not well, or vulnerable. So how can you not be scared or un-well or vulnerable? This virus fear is nothing but a manifestation of your own minds. And so turn to your minds and ask why is it that you are so scared? Why is this virus creating so much panic? If you didn’t know of its existence it would not be a panic to you, it would simply be something that is happening to you and then not happening to you.

What is drawing this virus to you? These are the questions you should be asking. The virus is neither good or bad, it simply is. And you will welcome it or you will not welcome it, the choice is yours. What is driving this virus is the same that this driving you, the people, fear. It is fear that is driving this situation. Fear of being attacked, fear of being vulnerable, fear of fear. And so we are asking you to look at this fear. What is this fear you are experiencing? Know what your fear is and there will no longer be need to fear it.

If you do welcome it what is it that you are welcoming? Are you welcoming fear, drama or a need to be shown that you are the special one? Are you in need of gossip, or of care and attention? It will only go to those who are in need of this attention. To stand out as the one who is unlucky, or one who feels like a victim. One who is unwell and therefore needs attention for other reasons, other than the virus. Or one who is meant to show the way in how to be with this virus, without fear.

It is these questions you need to be asking yourself – for why do you feel like a victim? Why do you feel you need to be ill in order to gain attention or be cared for? It is the time of the self and the self-questioning that must come from this. Because life does not simply happen to you, you are life, you create life and you create the life you experience. So if you do not wish to welcome this virus into your life for any of the above reasons then you do not need to fear it. Know the power of you.

So do not buy into the fear if you are not scared, for this is your truth. If you are in fear is it time to question why you may be feeling it? What is underlying this thought. Is it that you might die? Is it that you would choose to die? For surely this would mean you are a special number in the death statistics. However, I would question if you need to die in this way in order to be a someone, in order to be a statistic, in order to matter.

What is the real destructive virus?

We would all like you to know that you do indeed matter. You matter anyway, whether you are well or whether you are sick. Whether you are in need of care and attention or whether you are not. For do you see it is care and attention that is needed. Not to protect you from the virus but to prevent you from believing that you are indeed the virus itself, or that others are.That it’s humans who are the ones spreading fear and disease and mis-content.  The virus is nothing but a virus. But you my people are so much more than this. And we would like you to see yourselves as such.

To see yourself as part of the world, of nature and of life and not a separate, needy or destructive part but a wholly loving and creative part. So do not see yourself as separate from the virus. See yourself as the virus and ask it what it needs – for it is only exactly what it is that you need. To feel special, to feel different, to feel a part of the world and a part of life. And if you do not feel like this or feel a part of, perhaps this is your call to begin to do so. For this is not a virus that has been sent from God or from nature, it is a virus that has been sent by man.

It is man who needs to take responsibility for the clearing of this virus, which in fact lies within you all. And I am not talking of this virus of ill-health or destruction. I’m talking about a virus of not knowing who you are, what you need and how to get it. It’s time to wake up our people to knowing exactly this. Who you are, what you want and how you a complete part of a complete universe and not a victim or at the mercy of no one or no thing other than that with which you wish to be a victim of.

So no more the spreading of this fear. No more the believing of the fear. For the fear is of the others and not of yourself. Question your fear, for therein lies your answer to all of life.

And so it is.

Much love, let’s stay in the love!


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