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Message from the spirit baby realm on delays to fertility treatment because of Coronavirus.

Message from the spirit baby world for women wishing and struggling to conceive right now and whose fertility treatment is delayed due to the Coronavirus

Many of my clients are women struggling to conceive and going through the medical route to become pregnant. There is a great deal of anxiety and fear in the world right now and this is heightening the sense of fear and loss for women whose fertility treatment is now delayed due to the Coronavirus, with clinics closing as well as fears of becoming pregnant right now.

The message from my spirit baby guide Rosa asks us to find something positive within it, which is to rest from the stress of medical treatment and take time to go within and really look at how you’re feeling, what you’re telling yourself about why your baby isn’t here yet and why you are going through this? Conception is more than just a physical act, you’re inviting another soul into your world and the world. What world are you inviting them into? Babies are waiting, and they need their mums and dads to hear what they have to say, to go within and face their fears, to transform how they feel about themselves and their journey to motherhood.

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My spirit baby guide Rosa told me that it was fear that was preventing this message from being heard and she shared with me a message for all of you whose fertility treatments are being delayed at the moment. It may well be triggering, allow yourself to feel whatever it is that comes up. Also allow yourself to be open to your own truth that may come from her words.

Here is Rosa’s message .

They must come. If they wish to get pregnant, they must come. For some they will have been on this journey for quite some time and may feel they know all the tricks, but there is always more to be revealed for these special women of light. For others this will be the start of their wake-up call, their call to action, their call to love, the love that they seek is not always the love of their babies.

No, this is the love of the self, the love of themselves that they are seeking and their journey to motherhood or non-motherhood is one of these ways onto a journey to love, to love themselves. To find themselves not longer wanting and waiting but instead being and happening. No longer in love with the idea of the love, but in the love of love, the love that is them.

We feel for those women for whom medical treatment was just around the corner and of which may now not be happening. But do not forget they would have known of the changes to come on some level and the changes that had to come in order for them to conceive. For it is not always in the medical that these babies are in need of coming. They are coming because they wish to come. They are coming because their mum’s enable this to happen, in spite of the medical and not because of it. Maybe they [spirit babies] needed more time to align with themselves and the vibration of the world. Or maybe they know that you need more time to align with the vibration of the world. For the world is surely changing. Do not despair our women of light for there is very little that is stopping your babies from coming to you, other than what is stopping yourself from fully entering the world. In this I mean what is holding you back from being yourself, loving yourself, expressing yourself without fear.

What is it that is holding you back from conceiving your baby? it is surely not for want of this, or lack of love that you so desperately need to feel the love of your baby souls in your arms, or is it? How much are you loving yourself right now putting yourself through treatment after treatment in order to meet your baby. Why is it the treatment that is the key to your baby ones. Why is it not you?

Can you take time to think about this for a moment? Imagine if you were the key, the key to it all, all along and the medical science was one big trick leading you to the conclusion you needed it? Imagine if this was the case? What would you do then? To whom would you turn? You would of course turn to yourselves. You would of course turn to nature and the very many natural herbal remedies there are to support your body. And you would turn to your traumas and your whys and you why nots, for there are always answers to be found, found they are within.

Can you take this time to free your bodies of the medical? To free yourselves from the tests and the prodding and the poking and the interference and violation that comes from such tests and instead try something new whilst you have the chance? Try something ‘out there’ whilst there is an opportunity to do so? Do not worry, there will still be the medical and there will still be the prodding and the poking that you can return to when it is right, all we are saying is what if, right now, when this option isn’t a possibility, you look at yourself in a different way?  And not the way of a failure, or a woman who has been wronged, or denied, but a women with some deep and necessary exploration of self in order to get to where she needs to be.

In order to get to be where she wants to be with her baby. And not from a place of fear and not from a place of lack or of being denied, but from a place of abundance, of allowing, of hope, that is indeed she who is one of the chosen ones. One who has deemed it in her power to be a chosen one.

So do not fear the closure of the medical for the time being in terms of your journey to motherhood, this is only for the time being. There are still too many lessons to be learnt from and for the medical for this facility to be marked null and void as yet. But do take the time to explore the new, the different, the magic and the possibility of what lies beyond and beneath the grief and the loss, the agony and the pain of the non-mother. For you all know deep down that you are indeed already a mother.

And so it is

Much love, let’s stay in the love!

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