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Wednesday Worldly Wisdom – message from spirit. Today – message from the Earth Spirits

Message from the Earth Spirits – how are you choosing to look at the Earth?

During these challenging times there has been an awful lot of good stuff going on if you choose to look beyond the fear and the mainstream media. The humour, the sharing and caring, the creativity and the clearing of pollution from the earth’s atmosphere – Mother Earth is being given some breathing space because of a virus that creates restriction in human breathing.

Yesterday I joined – online of course – with 22 lightworkers to offer a full free day of healing, meditation, movement and wellness tips in what is called The Angel Cafe, created by Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Coach, Aishling Mooney.  I was called to read this message out below before guiding people into a mediation with Mother Earth – it was so beautiful! You can still listen to all the replays in the Angel Cafe for the next 3 days and I’ll put the link below.

For now, here is message from the collective I know as the Earth Spirits to mull over: 

“Oh we are a tumbling and a turning with the joy of it all. The joy of the release, the joy of the timing and the joy of simply joy. For the earth is getting ever closer to that time when our joy is your joy and our realm is your realm and you will no longer need to go looking to the stars for everything you wish to know but you will also know that you can look to the earth for your answers.

For in each and every creature is a message for you, and in each and every creature is a sign for you. A sign of love and a sign that all is well and a sign that the earth is growing alongside the stars and is not separate from them in terms of the giant and ginormous steps that you humans are about to embark on.You are not walking on the earth, you are walking with the earth as the earth begins to reclaim its stance and its stand as the heart of the entire Universe.

Do not think it is only you humans who have a right to be on this earth or humans who have a chance at making or breaking this earth, for there are very many creatures and very many beings for whom the healing of the earth and the knowing of the earth for what it truly is , a key they, and all and everything wish to unlock. Our question to you is, wouldn’t you rather be working in tandem with all of the creatures for whom the earth is king or queen? Or would you rather continue to work alone, strive alone and battle alone, fighting each other for the land, the space the greed and the un-joy of walking on this planet?

Or would you choose, if you could, to walk with joy and not on the earth but with the earth as it rises back into the full glory from once where it came. And how does this feel my dear ones – to rise with the earth as it rises and to see how far and how high you can go with this earth? Or is it that you choose us to remain here. Simply on the earth with no place other to go then down into its centres only to be brought back up another time to try again to see that the earth is far more than you think it is, is far more than you know it to be.

It is time to know it. And so we ask you to look deeply and closely at your lives and the life around you and see where it is rising and see where it is falling and make another choice. The choice to choose, the choice to know and the choice to rise alongside and with the earth and not in a battle over it or upon it.

For as you rise, so does the world. And as the world rises, so do you. For you are one. And there is no other way.”


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