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Empowering message from the spirit baby realm on IVF.

Empowering message from the spirit baby world for women going through IVF – and for all us on empowerment and self-healing

Message from the spirit baby world on IVF for this week’s Wednesday Worldly Wisdom. An empowering message for women who have, are or who may have to go through this process. Also a message for us all on the responsibility we all have to bring the energy of creation back into balance. The imbalance of the masculine and the feminine energies we all hold no matter our gender, that has contributed to struggling to conceive as well as feeling separate from nature and all that has brought about for the earth.

Channelled by me from my spirit baby mentor Rosa:

“At no time in history has there been more need, more desire for processes such as IVF. I ask you why is this? Is this because women are beginning to stand in their power and demand the right to create life? Or is that this harmful energy of not being allowed to create, not being able to create, not being good enough, strong enough or worthy enough to create is now coming up to be seen? To be called out for what it is – a pain, a trauma, a damage, a hurt of the feminine, that is a long time in coming to be recognised as such. The very original wound of the mother, that of your ability, power and specialness to create new life.

A knowing and a right that has been subjugated, dismissed and derided as ‘women’s work’. and all because of the underlying fear of us all about just how powerful women truly are.

Do you see that IVF is your human ingenious way of helping to create life whilst avoiding the very reason why life is not being created in the first place? This science of yours is a great thing, a noble thing and a much wished for thing, for all of it too is coming from the inspiration of men and women of good heart and good faith and good inspiration to circumnavigate the ‘problems’ of nature. Yet we are also asking for some balance within this science, and this balance will come when the deep-seated fears of the feminine, within both the woman and the man, are addressed.

For all you women going through IVF, I am with you, with heartfelt love. And whether before you begin the process, in the process, or a long time after the process, I ask you to step into the Truth of what is happening. The Truth of you, the Truth of miracles, the Truth of love, the Truth of the creative power you are, despite what you may feel or have been told.

I ask you now to clear away all things that are not aligned with this Truth. For this is the next stage of evolution and you are very much a part of it.

I ask you to question the very heart of you were or are in this process. As you were, or are, not handing yourself over to God or science in order to bring your baby into your arms. You are still and always will be handing yourself over to the God-ness of you, the goodness of you, the heart of you and your right and heartfelt wish and desire to create.

For the truth and heart of you  can so easily be taken from you during your IVF process as the most miniscule of physical changes and logged and opinionated on. If this is the case, admire your body for all of its changes and its numbers and its high this and low that, for isn’t that the miracle of the body in and of itself? That it is not a machine but is able to experience the ups and downs of all its life and aspects; much as you do.

Be fascinated by the figures, be amazed by the numbers but do not judge the numbers. Do not make the numbers and the opinions of others make you feel small, make you feel ashamed of your body – be in awe of your body for it will carry the life force of your  baby soul, if you allow it to do so, know it can do so.

If your body can change as dramatically and as often as the results, so too can it change dramatically to the physical results that you wish to see, that you feel comfortable with seeing, that your doctors feel comfortable with seeing. For it is your mind where you can ease the harm from these results and free the fear of these results. By going into the psyche, the energy, the form and the body of you to change the way you wish to feel about creation, as yourself as the creator.

Do you hear me our women of light, do you hear what I am saying? That you are the light, you are the power and you are the healer of your own self and the selves of many way back down in your own timelines. You are the saviours of women because you have the power to create even when you have been told you cannot. You are the saviours of women because the more you heal and transform your own conscious and ancient, hidden memories of being harmed for being a creator, you too are healing the psyche of women everywhere.

There is a great deal of anxiety and fear in the world right now and this is heightening the sense of fear and loss for women whose fertility treatment is now delayed due to the Coronavirus, with clinics closed as well as fears of becoming pregnant right now.

The message from my spirit baby guide Rosa asks us to find something positive within it, which is to rest from the stress of medical treatment and take time to go within and really look at how you’re feeling, what you’re telling yourself about why your baby isn’t here yet and why you are going through this? Conception is more than just a physical act, you’re inviting another soul into your world and the world. What world are you inviting them into? Babies are waiting, I’ve been shown skies full of baby souls. It’s time to go within and remember your power and your divine right as a creator of life and yes, new life.

And so it is

Much love. xxx

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