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Message from Mother Mary on preparing for conception and birthing the light of your future baby

Message from Mother Mary on conception and birthing the light that is your future baby

Below is a beautiful message from Mother Mary in her month of May for those preparing to conceive. Perhaps a message for anyone who wishes to know what the wave of new souls are preparing for and asking us to prepare for. Mother Mary is one of my guides who supports me in my work helping women to meet their unborn babies both energetically in spirit and physically. Healing past hurts and traumas from this lifetime, past and ancestral.

If you feel drawn to spending 21 days healing with Mother Mary please take a look at my fertility course – From Here to Maternity: 7 Steps to Meeting your Baby. Healing mind, body and soul for conception with myself and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Linda Martin of the Kundalini Revolution.

Message from Mother Mary – May 2020

“You are the mothers of the light and its time to birth the Divine that is in all you, in order for the Divine to be birthed.

Know your power, know your heart and bring this forth into the children of light, those here and soon to be here.

For they are to know of their light from the very outset. And not come to it through the strife and struggle, the sacrifice and suffering that you have all known up until this point.

They will be birthed Divine, because you are Divine.

And so it shall be our children and your children will be free of this pain and suffering because they will be birthed into the light.

The light that is them and the light that is you.

It is to the freedom of the self that brings you exactly where you need to be. Including the unity that you all so desire and wish for.

Make it no longer a wish; make it happen.

Our Children of Light, we honour you.

And so it is.”

I am currently running a new 21 day Course with Kundalini Yoga Teacher Linda Martin: From Here to Maternity: 7 Steps to Meeting Your Baby. Healing your mind, body and soul for conception. I knew it was going to bring about powerful shifts for those taking part, but I have been blown away by the speed and gentleness of the transformation.  Linda and I will be running this course again on 21st June 2020.  For details of the 21 day course – From Here to Maternity: 7 Steps to Meeting Your Baby – please take a look here or get in touch.

If you would like to work with me on a one to one basis for your empowerment and sacred conception, baby loss or birth trauma, explore and transform your life journey, or you wish receive guidance from spirit on a particular situation with a channelled message and spiritual counselling session please send me a PM and/or take a look at the services and programs I offer on this website.

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