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Bringing in the babies: Healing baby loss. An evening of healing, insight and connection

Bringing in the babies:Healing baby loss. An evening of healing, insight and connection. 

Spend a beautiful evening held in a warm and powerful space created for you by 3 Master Healers to receive healing, insight and connection to your baby/s in spirit after loss. This healing evening is for all women who have experienced baby loss in all its forms, including miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, still birth and termination.

If you feel there’s a bigger reason behind your heartbreak, if you’ve been asking yourself why did this happen, or creating extra suffering by questioning yourself over and over as to what you did or didn’t do, the what ifs – then please join us and allow yourself to find clarity, receive healing and a way of understanding your experience which is outside the conditioning of your mind. Allow yourself to ease any suffering and find a deeper healing and insight, together with your baby.

Whether you are planning to conceive again or not, the healing is clearing on many levels and will benefit your family line and into your next lifetime.

Gain a deeper understanding of your experience, receive healing of your mind, body and soul across all timelines and experience connection with your baby soul/s. Whatever your experience of loss, both you and your baby/s are on this journey together, each of you with a unique reason and choice as to why.

Debra Kilby Healing - spirit baby connection class

Debra Kilby Healing – spirit baby connection class

During this evening you will be held in love and compassion and offered an opportunity to receive and experience powerful insight and healing to transform how you feel about yourself and your experience of baby loss.

We will honour you and your baby soul/s and guide you into a space where you can transform your relationship with yourself, your baby and your experience.

If you are wishing to conceive again either now, or at some future time, the evening will support you in bringing the beautiful energies of peace, trust and confidence to your conception journey, for you and your future baby/s.

The evening of healing is led by spirit baby medium, channel, conscious conception specialist and women’s healer Debra Kilby; Soul Alchemist, master pendulum healer and subconscious mind transformation specialist Marina Beech; and Olwen Jennings, coach, healer and channel of a collective of spirit guides – the UK’s Esther Hicks – for your unique guidance. All of us are mum’s who have experienced baby loss and our own challenging journey to motherhood.

You will have the opportunity to ask your question to spirit directly, through Olwen’s guides. We will also guide you to connecting with your spirit baby/s and sharing and receiving with them.
This special evening is not for you if you don’t yet feel ready to find your deeper meaning or connect with your spirit baby. It’s important to feel ready and be open to receive the insight and healing.

If you are ready to find some resolution to your experience and you’d like to be held in love as you receive healing and insight, then myself, Marina and Olwen offer you a unique opportunity to re-set your relationship with yourself and your baby and any future babies.

Imagine you have the answer to your why? That you know what you need to focus on in terms of your healing? Imagine you know you can communicate with your baby and future baby/s and that they are with you at all times? Imagine you are no longer carrying unhelpful beliefs from this lifetime, past lives or ancestral? Imagine your own self-awareness and healing is what will guide you and your baby together?

This healing evening will take place online on the evening of Friday 5th June, under the releasing energy of the full moon.
Debra will open the evening with a grounding, womb healing and blessing.

Olwen and her guides will then channel a message from her guides on baby loss and depending on time will choose 3 attendees who have pre-submitted questions and offer them spirit guidance. Please know the messages will also be of relevance to you all.

Marina will then connect in with the energies of loss and forgiveness individual and collective beliefs, that are past/present life or ancestral and command a healing for all who sign-up.

The evening will close with a guided meditation with Debra to connect with your spirit baby.

Set this time aside for you to receive and heal Replay will be available for anyone who can’t join live.

Date: 5th June 2020
Time: 7pm till 10pm (UK time)
Cost: £77
Location: Online hosted by Zoom video

Bonus tools:
• Replay to listen to again and go deeper every time
• Trauma release exercise
• Reflection prompt sheets that allow you to track your journey

Sign up here and you’ll receive confirmation by email of your place and have the opportunity to submit your questions.

Much love

Debra x

To work with me on a one to one basis for energy healing and reading, personal channelled messages, struggling to conceive, baby loss or birth trauma, I offer a free 30 minute clarity call. please do book here to find out more about working with me on a one to one basis. https://hellochat.as.me/?appointmentType=2795851 Or take a look at my website: www.debrakilby.com

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