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Magical Monday – distance healing and energy reading for the week – Accepting what is, releasing resistance

Magical Monday – distance healing and energy reading for the week – Acceptance of  what is.

Soak up the beautiful softness of this card and the energy this week – the relief and peace that comes with acceptance.  As we move into new times, the energy this week is helping you to soften your heart and loosen your grip on how you wanted life to work out and come to a place of acceptance of where you are now.

The energy this week is here to help you find resolution to and to let go of any past hurts or situations you may be fighting or resisting so you can leave them behind  –  fresh energies and a fresh start.  The gift of acceptance doesn’t mean giving up, it instead empowers you to move through whatever is happening right now. Even if a situation is deeply challenging – resisting what is going on will not change it – it is still happening. 

Acceptance isn’t about giving up on your dreams, it’s about allowing yourself to see the truth of where you are – the truth of how you feel, it’s from this place you can make clear choices and respond with awareness. Trust that all is unfolding just as it should and allow yourself to receive the answers and the path according to Divine timing, grace and compassion. The Universe only ever closes a door to you if it would not lead you to where you most need to go.

Simply say yes to receive the energy of the following beliefs to help you with this. And also sending unconditional love to all of you experiencing challenges right now.

  • I have the highest truth and understanding of acceptance
  • I trust myself and I trust life
  • I know how to be free of despair, anger, bitterness and fear
  • I know how to accept the gift of my life in all its mystery
  • I know what it feels like to embrace life through unconditional acceptance
  • I know what it feels like to embrace my unique and perfect gift of life
  • I know that life loves me and serves me to fulfil my divine destiny
  • Acceptance brings peace to my heart
  • I know that by accepting what is – I will be shown the best possible way through
  • Acceptance brings relief to my whole mind and body
  • I choose to release any programmes, patterns, beliefs or behaviour based in distrust of life

That I know how to, I allow myself to, I deserve to, I am safe doing so and I live my daily life with this, with grace and ease now.

And so it is.

Magical Monday blessings

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