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Magical Monday – distance healing and energy reading for the week – Accepting what is, releasing resistance

Magical Monday – distance healing and energy reading for the week – Rare Success

Have you noticed that as the world outside seemingly get’s crazier, you begin to feel a little more centered? With no one else’s opinions or rules making any sense, we have no choice but to sit with what feels right for us. Of course we’re all going to have moments when we get sucked into the fear and division energy that’s going on right now – let’s forgive our human-ness as my friend Sarah would say!

Trust it’s all coming up to be seen so it no longer needs to be stuck in the earth or us. Hold onto you as you allow these lower consciousness’ be free! You are not them. And we’ll move through it together. What’s fascinated me is as the seasons have moved gently from one to another, there’s been a definite shift. Maybe it’s a little respite from the intensity so let’s enjoy it. But for me, I’ve moved from theory and wishful thinking that everything will be ok, into my deep knowingness that everything and all of us, really will be ok. 

I had a vision of the New Earth in June, and I was shown  a New Dawn. With this vision from my aboriginal guide, came a course that I’m launching in December for women who feel their babies are of a very high vibration and are arriving to help build a New Earth. Sacred Conception: A New Dawn: Birthing the Children of the New Earth. The vision and the feeling of this image I was shown, and the New Earth children I met was indescribable – whole love, absolute love, connection and unity. These words kind of cover it, but also don’t!

Which is why the card that came out this week lit up my heart – Rare Success – yes – bring it on!

So, Magical Monday distance healing and energy this week is Rare Success! Unleashing of your creative potential, recognising the ‘more-ness’ of you that creates change for generations to come. Just say yes to receive the energy of the beliefs below. So rare is this card that it’s the first time it’s ever appeared in the 3 years I’ve been sharing them! It leapt out of the pack instantly filling me with joy and potential and I hope it has the same effect for you.

Connecting in with the energy this week, you’re offered the opportunity to acknowledge how much you’ve grown spiritually, not just in this lifetime but many, your patience and commitment to seek the highest potential of yourself and the world. The seeds you’ve been sowing will result in creations – as this card states, that  ‘will stand the test of time and result in a legacy of comfort, encouragement and divine grace for generations to come.’

Something as exquisite and sacred as yourself cannot be rushed into a higher version, the foundations won’t be as solid. Whether you are still laying your grounding stones or putting the final tiles on the roof spiritually speaking, there is no need for comparison or competition. Have patience and trust in yourself that you’re exactly where you need to be to enjoy your Rare Success.

Know your building or have built foundations strong enough now, to build on all that you’ve learnt and dreamed about over many lifetimes in order for you to be ready and for them to come to fruition in this lifetime for the highest good of all.  Rare Success – bring it on!

To support you in this, please say yes to the following beliefs and allow the energy to flow through you.

  • I have the highest truth and understanding of Rare Success
  • I allow myself to receive the empowerment of Rare Success
  • I know what it feels like to be grateful
  • I know what it feels like to be patient
  • I know what it feels like to trust
  • I know how it feels to be compassionate to myself and others as I and we all grow into the truth of who we are
  • I release all and any impatience, distrust and limitations on what is possible for the Divine to manifest, what is possible for me to manifest for the highest and best good of all
  • I allow myself to receive the grace and blessings of the Universe
  • I allow myself Rare Success
  • I know how to accept and share my success in service to love so that all beings may be happy and free

That I know how to, I’m worthy of doing so, safe to do so and I choose to live my life with this grace and ease for my highest and best good.

And so it is.

Magical Monday Blessings



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