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Message from spirit baby realm to honour baby loss awareness

Baby loss awareness month – message from the spirit baby realm

Is my baby ok? Life after baby loss

One of the many questions that span around and around in my head after all 5 of my baby losses, was – is my baby ok? At the time I had no idea of spirit babies or healing and I wasn’t very kind to myself at all when all this was going on. However, it was these experiences, and my spirit baby number 5 Rosa, who I released due to medical complications, that kicked me, quite brutally I would say, onto my spiritual journey and my life purpose.

As a spirit baby medium and healer now, I’m able to connect with the spirit baby realm and the babies who chose not to stay, as well as those who are waiting to arrive. This message I channelled from Rosa, brought me so much comfort, I hope it helps you to.


“We are sending so much love to all of you who are grieving and all of you in pain and all of you who are waiting. For there is no greater prize than to love yourself amid it all. And I am here to beam that love down to you so you can feel it for yourselves, for you are the key that can unlock it not only for yourselves but also for your babies here and in form and indeed the whole world.

For us ‘babies’ and us souls, who for whatever reason are holding back from coming fully into form, can offer you any amount of unconditional love whether we are with you physically or not. And so – do you see? – it is your own love and knowledge of this love that we can offer to you physically, or from afar, and indeed that is exactly the same kind of love.

So, for now, simply imagine being with your little one. Being with your lost one for they are not lost. They are here and they are waiting and they are loving and they are sharing with you your dreams as well as their own from a place that may be unfamiliar to you but is no less real than the one you are currently seeing. Know that this connection is possible. Know that they are real. Know that their stories and choices are real and know that they are always by your side and you will be reunited at some point across the eons of time.

For they have chosen you to feel them in your space and perhaps they chose not to stay in your space for as long as you’d hoped. However, it is a space that is never-ending and a love that is never dying and you will know who they are when you meet again, whether it is in this lifetime or the next.”

And so it is.

With love. 

My book, Rosa’s Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother, will be published on February 18th. For now some of Rosa’s messages can be found on my blog.

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With love



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