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Healing the ‘frozen’ womb – Divine Mother Wisdom Circle – International Women’s Day

Frozen Womb

International Women’s Day – healing the ‘frozen’ womb.

How does this image make you feel? The beautiful Mother Earth reflecting back to us always.

Where do you feel frozen as a woman? Many of us don’t even know we have parts of us which are frozen. So many aspects of us have remained hidden, ‘frozen’ for fear of judgement, humiliation, rejection or ridicule, not just from boys, but from other girls too, and ourselves.

Lifetimes of deep and hidden trauma lying unseen in our sub-conscious mind but secretly directing so much of how we show up as women – showing up as who you are in your own uniqueness rather than playing it small to fit in to anyone else’s ideas of who you are or what it means to be a woman. Underneath it all, you’re simply, beautifully, perfectly, you.

Growing up in the UK girls were either labelled as frigid or a slag – as if the choice of how we played in our bodies was only about the label we felt most comfortable with, and the amount of pressure we felt under to ‘perform’, rather than actually owning our bodies and our choice or what we did with them, or not.

Have you felt torn between playing the virginal, pure Mother Mary or the prostitute Mary Magdalene? Because this is the story we’ve all been told, the choice you make as women. Are you not both, or neither and much more? Both Mary’s are my guides – they make it very clear their truth, who they are, is not what we’ve been fed. They say we do not need to play out their story – it’s time to create your own.

Healing these ancient and this lifetime wounds through channelled meditations with the Divine Mother and gathering together to share our stories, wisdom and gifts is the essence of my Divine Mother Wisdom circle.

Fiercely loving, passionate, wild, fun, gentle, soft and nurturing and so much more. Because you are more, you are All. Your All-ness is just a little buried under the ‘stuff’, the conditioning and the trauma.

Is it time for you to remember and own All of who you are? Are you ready to melt those parts of you that feel cold and frozen with love, understanding and compassion?

If so, you’re so welcome to join gorgeous, like-minded women. And so together, we rise.

You are you. A woman, an incredible, magnificent and powerful portal of life able to invite, hold, birth and create new life, new ideas, new businesses new earth energies into the world – whatever it is you wish.

You may have been told differently, now is the time to melt into your own truth, remember who you are.

Happy International Women’s Day – celebrate the uniqueness of you.

Love and blessings

Debra x

To find out more or join other like-minded women in the Divine Mother Wisdom Circle, please click here on this link.  Divine Mother Wisdom Circle – Debra Kilby

Photo credit: Mette Borup Kristensen

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