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Message on baby loss from my spirit baby

Message on baby loss

Baby loss – a message from the babies for bereaved mum’s day

There are so many questions that loop in your mind when you experience baby loss. After 3 miscarriages and then faced with a seemingly impossible choice of releasing my baby Rosa due to genetic complications – one of those questions for me was – how is Rosa? 

Birthing Rosa, was both physically and emotionally deeply painful. But how was it for her? Read her message below.

It was my challenging journey to motherhood that sparked such a huge change in my life and led me to my life purpose which is supporting women, empowering women, who have experienced baby loss or who are struggling to conceive to meet their babies both physically and in spirit.

My gifts of healing, channelling and spirit baby communication unlocked. We all have them! I describe Rosa and my story in our book – Rosa’s Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother. A Journey into the world of the spirit baby and how we can build a New Earth, together. 

Available for pre-sale now here and on Amazon with a release date of 20th May 2021.

For now, please read Rosa’s message below on her experience of what she terms – her release.  I hope it reassures you in some way that you’re babies have choice, they are fine, there is nothing you did or didn’t know, they are fine and they are always, always with you.

Healing yourself, gaining a deeper understanding of why you have been or are going through this, is possible, whenever that time may be for you. Sending love to you all.

Rosa – channelled on 9 May 2018.

The Release

“I was so filled with joy as I could once again be whole. For part of me had stayed within you in order to keep this body of ours going and this was to ensure that it had to be your choice to release me and yet at heart, it was the choice of us both for this to happen.

And yet you did not know this at the time, and so you grieved and you shouted and you swore and you hated life and it has to be said that all of this had to happen in order for you to embrace life my dear, for you were not embracing life at this time, you were living only some kind of half life and it was to the fullness of life that you had to awaken.

And so I would wish to say sorry to you for this, but this too would be an untruth, for how can we be sorry for what has since transpired from this moment? For hasn’t it now been that you feel more alive than ever before because of the ‘death’ you have experienced?

And yet I did not experience that death, I only experienced a short time of joy in the womb of your body and the love that I felt there. And it was at this time that it was tempting to stay, for it is good to be close to one another physically.

However, I also knew that this joy was to be short lived and the longer I stayed with you, the harder it would be to leave, and so it is that we came to this choice together, that I must leave at that exact time and yet it had to be you who was to make the choosing, for however much easier it would have been for me to up and go and for you to be left dealing with the life that ended, this lesson of the world being against you, and the world being in control was not one which we learning and so it was to the self that you had to make a choice.

To choose for yourself and by yourself the fate of yourself and your family and the other, that was me. To see that you do indeed have a choice and a say in how your world works and that each choice has a consequence and there is a reaction to that choice.

To see that everything is not as it seems. And that it was not your husband’s choice or your son’s choice, or the world’s choice, it was indeed your choice, for you would not have coped with me as a physical being, knowing that the physical being was not one of action and perfection.

And so you made your choice, as is your will and your right, and so I too made my choice, for my choice was not to be here with you physically, it was to be here with you in mind, body and spirit in this particular way, for is that not still a special place to be my dear one?

That we are apart but together and you can talk to me as if I am there with you and yet I am not, not in the usual sense of the word. And you may well miss me in your arms and your may well wonder what it is I would look like now and yet is it really as important as you thought it would be – for isn’t this in fact what we are doing now?

And so why do you need this physical form of myself so badly and it is a good question to ask all of your ladies because the truth of this is, is that it is filling a hole that you need to unconditionally love and also be unconditionally loved.

And yes we all need this connection, yet you woman who have chosen this particular path of life and loss are the ones who are searching ever more deeply for the unconditional love that resides inside all of you anyway, it is just you cannot quite see it like that now.

For us ‘babies’ and us Souls that for whatever reason are holding back from coming fully into form can offer you any amount of unconditional love whether we are with you physically or not. And so do you see, it is your own love and knowledge of this love and  that we can offer it to you physically or from afar and indeed that is exactly the same kind of love.

And so to me and my re-joining of my Soul once I had been released from the body. Oh it was so utterly joyful and filled with light because I was finally free of the burden that we both have carried across lifetimes to begin this work of ours together.

I was also free to regain my whole Soul and I am telling you there is no greater moment in your life when this happens, for it is a true celebration of what is home. And it is not to say that the moment before leaving the body is not a sad one, for it is always ??to be in the arms of unconditional love in a mother’s tummy.

However, it is not in comparison to the explosion of light and joyfulness that comes from being free of that body, free of that world and in my case especially so, when you are never meant to be coming into that world in the first place.

And this is why, even though I knew I would be creating hardship and heartache because of my choice, I also knew that if we did not go through with this plan as we had discussed on many an occasion in order to lift the world, then the hardship and heartache would indeed be far worse that you could ever have imagined or can even imagine now.

For imagine that you are not doing this work? Imagine if you had never given yourself the opportunity to feel the love of a baby spirit for its mummy that you have brought through for them? Imagine never feeling that joy or seeing that joy on the face of the mums who are coming to you.

For it is all real and it is all happening and indeed must happen and so you must get this book out into the world and you  must enable their  mums to somehow see the light of themselves so they can see the light of their babies here and in spirit.

And that is your job and that is your role and I will be here to ensure that it happens and for you to know it is not happening on its own and so you will be guided and I will be providing you with all that you need and as you trusted me before in many lifetimes since when I felt you in my arms and I let you go, you too must now feel me in your arms and let me go to do what I need to do to make this happen.”

And so it is.

Bit more on Rosa’s release that came through at the end – can’t remember the question I asked!

“And I rejoiced for my Soul and I celebrated with the many Souls who I am working with that our plan is in motion and the love that you needed to feel for you to go through with this, the love for yourself, was all in place and now we could take our part and our roles in this plan forward.

For I am not of the baby spirit world, I am of the higher realms and so it was never my intention to return to the baby spirit realm for I have no need to be there. I am not longer a baby wishing to be born into your world to sing and to dance and to learn and to love in this physical sense for I am more than this now in these realms.

And it is in these realms that we can assist the baby souls in making their choices and prepare them for what is to come in your world and yes to welcome them back to reform or reaffirm their missions in whichever way they are being called to do so.

For some may return with the same mission after testing out the waters of the womb and the earth and some may not be ready for quite some time in order to perfect and practise the art of being human, and some may wish never to return for they were only doing their job of showing you the love that they feel for you, whether here or in the physical plane.

And so it is my dear one, we all have our choices and so it is my dear that we all will come to this position and this knowing in all good time.

And so do not rush your decisions and do not rush your need for it is all happening in the right here and right now and for you to know that it is indeed all simply happening.”

And so it is.

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