Healing and Channelling

Channelled message from the ‘earth spirits’ that inspired this evening of powerful healing with the elementals, Gaia and Christ Energies.

Breaking the Spells of Separation.

Message from the Earth Spirits – July 12 2021

For too long now the truth of our existence has not been told and it is now time to reveal that we are indeed here and we’re indeed real. It is the time of the realms of the Mother and time when all her creatures rise out of the depths of the swamps, the seas and the lands for this will be a true revealing of all that is.

If you do not understand what we mean by this then that is ok, you do not need to understand. But what you do wish to know is how is it we have all been kept in separation for so long. Separation from you and from us.

There is a reason that there is so much digging and chopping and undermining of our sovereignty as if we had no choice in the realms of man.

But we did and do still have a choice. It may seem like a strange choice to allow to be cut down or undermined in this way but we do not feel cut down or undermined – we are simply biding our time to come here to do what we are meant to do, which is to help the human race rise up out of the non-sovereignty and into the sovereignty they are.

For they have no idea just how powerful we are and they have no idea just how powerful the others are, the others who want earth for themselves and not for the all. And just as the other wishes to destroy, then there are just as many and more who wish to create.

And so what is the thing here, what is it that’s going on and why is it it going on I hear you cry? Why can there not be peace on earth and for earth to be as it is in heaven? Because my dear you all came here to experience what is not heaven  in order to remind yourself of what is.

And what is heaven, is you, is me, is us, is all – and there is no separation of that, it just is. And so the destroyers are the destroyers, so what, they can destroy for we know their game and allow them to play it, for in all honesty it does not affect us.

What does affect us is the fact the non-destroyers feel they have no choice but to follow the rules and guidelines of the destroyers as if they are king and not themselves.

And this is what upsets us and bothers us and yes even frustrates us for we’re doing so much here in the earth, growing and shining and sharing and being with the non-destroyers – but the non-destroyers still do not see what it is we are doing here. We are here providing life, we are here providing love and we are providing hope for a better future.

Not the better future that is promised by those disassociated from their pack but the better future as we see it for all, where all are helped and all are in community and all are supported and we are supported in turn.

For all of our medicines and all of our magic has been used and abused for many years as if we were not pure enough, good enough and worthy enough of the title of healer and so they took it, just as they have taken the Source of you, the power of you and made it not worthy, not healing and not good enough to be able to do this on your own.

But this is not the truth. You are indeed your own healer, your own source of medicine and it is the spells of not worthy that have got in the way of this. So what you will all be doing in this evening of yours is simply removing the spells of not worthy, not enough, not able to, in order to restore you to your Divine original blueprint of worthy.

For the words – the poor, the meek, will inherit the earth are yet another twist in the tale of this long saga. Do you see if it were only the poor and meek who were able to inherit the earth then why on earth would you be powerful and  rich? But if powerful and rich is your natural state of abundance, as it is for us of the earth; Rich in love, friendship, worthiness, rich in magic – then you are going against your natural laws of abundance.

Therefore the ones that do not have this programme of separation from themselves are able to inherit the earth. And so do you see the trick that has been played? That to keep you as the poor and meek who will inherit the earth they are in fact keeping you from the earth, from yourselves?

It is so brilliant as to be uncanny how powerful this has been. And this is but one spell that has been cast over you for there are many. But it is the one we are choosing to start with here. For no one can inherit the earth – do you see – you are the earth – we are the earth and therefore all we can do is inherit all of our wisdom , skills and knowledge that have been passed down from lifetimes of love, wisdom and knowledge and as the many forms we have taken – and own it, own us, own you, own yourself. For yourself is all that you ever need.

And do you see that yourself is also myself and myself is also yourself and therefore there is no separation. The difference is we have remembered our own power and magic of and as the healers we are and you have not. And now it is time to do just this – remember. For the unworthy ones are not the destroyers or the allowing themselves to be destroyed – it is all one and the same thing.

It is just that there are those who choose to be the destroyers and those who choose to be the destroyed in order to feel this. But there comes a time when this choosing and allowing is to be questioned and the reasons why you are choosing and allowing to be looked at – for it is not a necessary thing or a necessary separation and way of being for any more length of time.

It is simply time to say no to this choice and to the spells and unravel the binding that has kept you there. For although these spells have been powerful forces in your life – they only have been so because you have let them be so. And so now it is simply time to let them not be so.

And we are with you and we hold you and we are joyous in our knowledge that you will once again see the light of yourselves, the light of us that is without separation, that is without glints and hints of control and malice, that is without fear.

For all the others are living in – is fear. And so all they know is fear and all they know what to use and to experience is fear. For they are in deep fear. Fear of losing their control, their resources and fear of losing themselves, not knowing that they have already done so – and it is by coming out of their modes of fear that will surely bring them to true enlightenment.

And yet we all have our role and we are grateful to them for it, just as we are grateful to you for having gone along with it in various forms and styles. But now enough is enough. The time has come to unpick these spell that have plagued you from across time and free yourself into the magical being you are and to join with us and share with us all that is abundance and joy on this life called earth.

For this is who we are, we are life, all of life in all its forms and all its depths and shallows merely reminding you and reflecting to you the colourful and potent beings of love and magic you are.

And so it is.

With our love and blessings – your time has come.

You’re invited to join myself, elemental healer and channel Sarah-Joanne Ashurst and channel and healer of the Christ and Magdalene energies Olwen Jennings on Wednesday 4th August at 7pm UK for this powerful healing event aligning and joining with the elementals, Gaia and Christ energies.

This is the first of a  series of powerful gatherings  led by 3 healers and channels of various realms, are intended to activate the falling away of separation consciousness  and programmes of unworthiness and reconnect you with yourself, unity consciousness and ultimately Mother Earth.

This is a global healing event on zoom that will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

Please sign up here through Paypal and I will send you the zoom link and further information.


Any questions please do email me.


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